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Winning design #37 by veezdesigns13, Logo Design for Ghost Town Productions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by veezdesigns13

Project description

We are concert promoters in the west Texas market. We book and promote live music (typically country), sometimes rock, and a few comedy shows. We'd like a design that incorporates the west Texas spirit  - e.g., longhorn skull (possibly red/white/blue - Texas star, open to black and gray), desert theme, etc. 

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  • to CH @sheanorwood ... please feedback #40
  • to CH @sheanorwood ... please feedback #39
  • to CH @sheanorwood ... please feedback #38
  • Looks great - one last change - let's outline Productions in black to it stands out more. #34
  • Sunset color, White skull with black shades, Removed the ring and the star. Hope you like it. Thanks for your feedback Sir :D #34
  • Thank you - can we see this with a skull like I provided in the brief? #33
    • @sheanorwood okey sir i will do it :), thanks for feedback :)

  • Thanks for the design - can we make a few adjustments - let's try a sunset color, white skull with black shading. #21
    • @sheanorwood Ok sir, I will make those adjustments.

  • Last change - remove the ring from the nose #21
  • also - let's remove the star at the top #21
  • how about it? hope you like #22
  • Desert Theme, Longhorn skull, Texas star, Blue Red Color. You can ask me if you want any changes. Hope you like it. Waiting for your feedback. #20
  • we're looking for a more rugged, realistic version of the longhorn/steer skull - see picture under "what do you like"
  • please check my design,,,,hope you like it,,,, #14
  • Correction - let's use the image similar to the one I added to the brief - horns similar pointing down
  • Please see the steer skull I posted in the brief - can we add some detail to the horns - lines, etc and ensure the shadowing where the horns come out of the skull are present - also add some cracks to the skull. We're good with the horn length and direction you've already chosen - just want some more details added. #9
  • Adding some image/file requests: standard image set, files, + these png's 360 x 360 px, 160 x 160 px, 720px square, 960px square, 829 x 315px (FB cover photo pic);
  • how about this one? #12
  • Can you add some depth to the skull - maybe black outline or whatever you think is best. #4
  • about #3

    dear contest holder @sheanorwood
    please tell if there is anything i can fix
    thx :)
  • About #2, I've revised the word gost to "ghost", thank you :)