Hazy Peak Barbecue

Easy and successful experience. We got a great logo and more entries than anticipated. I will definitely use Design Contest again when the need arises.

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Winning design #148 by Asiong19, Logo Design for Hazy Peak Barbecue Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiong19

Project description

Hazy Peak Barbecues is a new online barbecue grill retailer based in Hobart, Australia.  We will be selling barbecue grills, sauces, rubs, and other outdoor cooking related products.  Our primary product will be PK Grills (pkgrills.com for more info).  Please avoid designs that look like a typical Weber kettle grill, as they are a competing product.  Our marketing may include references to "thin blue smoke" (the hazy smoke drifting out the top of a grill), outdoor cooking, and Mt Wellington (located in Hobart).  We are open to any color scheme, but the warm colors of fire and/or cool colors of a misty mountain have inspired us.  

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  • Please check this logo and let me know if you need anything changes. Thank you! #247
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    this is my entry #236
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  • Please check this Logo Design and let me know if you need anything changes. Thank you! #205
  • Letterhead mock #199
  • Your feedback is very important. :) #198
  • revision with barbecue's #169
  • How about this? #153
  • A logo must have a concept and be simple. He must communicate a message and be memorable. It must be well associated with the company he represents in addition to not go out of fashion (timeless). It must be visually interesting in color as in black and white, in addition to being resizable. it's the logo you were looking for #152
  • Hallo @borneogoat

    Pelase check and give me feedback. thank you :) #151
  • About #146, @Asiong19 Hi there, sorry I don't think I was very clear with my request, can you please change the font for the whole phrase 'Hazy Peak Barbecues'? Not just the 'K' :) Otherwise it's looking really good!
    • @borneogoat just uploaded entry #147 new font for the whole phrase

    • @borneogoat about #148 same font for Hazy Peak & Barbecues

  • About #100, @Asiong19 Hi there! Thank you for your help and variations. We still really like the original #100. We like the hexagonal look more than the rounded design.

    The only thing we don't really like is the 'K' in that particular font. Is there a similar font with a more normal looking K? Possibly a font similar or the same to the one used in the word 'barbecues'?