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Project description

we make protein bars, supplements, and healthy snacks. I would like the logo to have a spirit of reaching for peak performance, momentum, and our best potential, also show some elements of being natural. I would like the logo to focus on IPEAK. Nutrition can be in smaller font and in the next line. I would also like a trade mark icon next to IPEAKWe want to target a wider audience, people who are bio hackers, who are high achievers, who want higher productivity, and who are health conscious.  I would like the logo to be catchy, memorable, and unique. I would like to have an icon for the logo to have a cool graphic design of initial letter I, simple, interesting yet very catchy like airbnb logo.   

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  • Hello, I like the design. Can you make letter i the capital? #50
    • @iris8090 hi good morning mam iris, can no longer apply changes because contest expired. If given a chance to win I will provide you all updates version you will requested in the finalization stage. Have a nice day and stay healthy.

    • @iris8090 About #123, @iris8090 The icon logo has two part the initial "i" and "p" that has touch of nutrition. Hope you like it mam. Have a nice day and stay healthy.

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  • Please check and review the design changes at # 209 # 210 # 216 thank you
  • I redesign the logo. I hope you like it
  • hello contest holder thank you to like my design, I want to know which part I can improve, I want to make it better.
  • Hi iris, thank you for the feedback, here is my revision on your request, it is also flexible logo, hope you like it. #206
  • thank you for the design. I like it. Can you make the icon all in the same green color? (the lighter green one) It will be simpler for printing. #157
  • thank you for making the change. For the icon, can you also make the i inside the circle 20% thinner? I want to compare. #202
  • Molecules and A leaf is used on the icon part of the logo which means the combination of science and nature in our product. The font is slightly washed out in some parts which means the rustic energy received from our food. #172
    • @iamniloysaha Thank you for the explanation!

  • Hello, I like the fonts. It is very interesting. Can you make letter p more obvious? #103
  • Hello, I like the design. Can you explain what the icon means?
  • Hello,

    I like the design. I don't like red color so much. Can you change the red color to blue or gray? #191
  • Hello, I like the icon. Can you change the fonts so letter PEA are closed in gaps? You can also try different fonts to make them more interesting.
  • Hello, I like the design concept and the type of fonts, Can you change the fonts to Capital letters? Thanks #196
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    hi I'm albi and i made some logos for you, and if there is anything you want to change please reply in the comments #175
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