This contest has been great, all of the designers were helpful but especially eshtiyak who we went with - very speedy with updates and took our extensive small tweaks to the design seriously and promptly, even if we didn't always go with what we asked for. Would recommend this service to anyone looking for a badass logo!

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Winning design #109 by eshtiyak, Logo Design for KeenDog Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eshtiyak

Project description

We are rebranding - we want a modern look for our advanced dog training system. We believe in training dogs who are eager and enthusiastic to work for you. Our tag line will be NOT your average dog training. Ideally we would like the color scheme of slate grey and yellow, with white accents. For the slogan we are envisioning the NOT in big yellow while rest of print in white but are obviously open to ideas! For KeenDog if there is a way to encorporate a dog in the logo, keeping it modern and sleek that would be great. Thank you. Just added some pictures of a couple of our dogs - unsure if any designers could make it same concept we are going for - but using an outline from one of these pictures into the logo? Thank you all so much! These are all great!

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  • Ooops! it was my fault, I just forget to update it in yellow bg. #109
  • simplified version #108
  • yellow #107
  • new look #106
  • hi!

    hope everything is good there
    here is my design idea for you

    please any feedback let me know

    Best Regards #104
  • Just noticed the K is different from grey logo to yellow...we like the top grey K better if you could use the same one for the yellow background. Thank you! About #93, @eshtiyak
  • German shepherd version. #100
  • My comments about this logo (not offensive/defensive)

    I think we should not get confused between puma and our logo:

    - Fist of all we are not trying to replicate puma logo intentionally, it just get similar.

    - If there would be any copyrights violation issue, it should be between puma and jaguar logo, they are using same big cat in the same posture and at the same angle, but you see both are huge world brands and no conflict seen.Why is that? because one is selling cars and other is a fashion brand.

    - In our case, we literally train dogs, we want a modern look for our advanced dog training a modern, active dog image was a crucial element for our logo.It might be problematic if we were selling cars or athletes fashion wears under this logo.
    When there is no direct conflict then i think we should not worried about this.


  • Thanks for your appreciation!
    I have mirror the dog, now I think viewer will not relate it to Puma brand...what you think?
  • There is 2 E's in Keen, thank you for the correction....could you also see what this would look like with yellow as background collar and logo in grey and white? Thank you! About #90, @Bilqis
  • Hi, Here's another revision to highlight the NOT. #91
  • So we love this one with this dog over the fluffy dog, but are nervous that the dog and writing may be too similar to PUMA brand - could we see a mirror image? Also another entry had the not attached to a line that underlined KeenDog, could we try that too?? About #41, @eshtiyak
    • Didn't notice that it was YOU that did the other design - #83 could we see like a combo of that look with this? You are very talented and we appreciate all the edits you have done for us so far. Maybe even German Shepherd looking dog would be a bit less PUMA-like..? About #41, @uberdog_katrina

  • Can we change the coloring of the dog to more what the picture is like...he looks a little raccoon here..more merle colors on him and no tail. Thank you! About #83, @eshtiyak
  • Dear CH, Here's my revision and Thank You for the rating. #86
  • Tweaked version. #83
  • Just added a tail, may be it looks more interesting. #82
  • Logo derived from the picture in design brief.
    Any comments to improve this design? #80
  • Could you see how it is with the uploaded snap? Our favorite is still the last one before this but would like to see it with our dog if possible. Thank you ! About #65, @eshtiyak
  • Hi katrina! Thanks for the rating, I took another job hope you enjoy. Sincerely Christina.
  • I am blown away by this. This is remarkable. is there any way you could match the Not to the keen or make the not a little bolder with a box around it. everything else is awesome just would like the Not to stand out a little more thanks #67