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Winning design #77 by DesignLion, Logo Design for Kurios Gifts, kuriosgifts.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DesignLion

Project description

We would like you to design a logo that reflects our company personality: professional, creative, reliable, experienced in our field, attention to details, service orientated. 

Our background - We are high end gifts design company that specialises in designing and manufacturing a variety of gifts for well known luxury brands such as Cartier, Montblanc, etc for over 10 years. We distribute standard Barrington leather products (you see crest logo in our website) and also we custom-design products (Metalware, leather, electronic items) for clientele. 
We don't want to be perceived as leather "only" company rather professional gift design house. 
The new logo will be used on our new products "debossed into leather, printed on notebook covers, etc..." so we would like the new logo to be innovative enough to last for at least 10 years. *BLACK, WHITE, GREY(OR SILVER), GOLD(OR ORANGE)

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  • Can you prepare a black logo on white background (flat)? #304
    • About #304, @hiroshi_yoshioka Dear, Thanks for your feedback. But right now no way to submit anymore design. If you give me an opportunity then I will provide you this design as your requirement. Regards

  • Can I take a look at this logo as:

    1) black logo on white background (not debossed effect)?
    2) black and gold combination? Thanks. #116
    • About #116, @hiroshi_yoshioka

      Thanks for your massage. I revised your comments work. Logo color black & gold combination.

    • @suruj_sohel thanks. it will be good to see black logo on white background too. I think this font is the best compared to all your other submissions.

  • ... #331
  • ... #330
  • ... #329
  • please checked it,thanks. #312
  • please checked it,thanks. #311
  • nothing feedback for me....
    l am dizzy ,do you want?????
  • nothing feedback for me....
    l am dizzy ,do you want?????
  • k #289
  • some more color options and what they look like on white/black background. #264
  • gold on black. #263
  • orange on black #262
  • This font doesn't work. Can you come up with a rounder more sophisticated timeless font? #248
  • Could you try this with another color?
    And another version with square background filled color - Black and orange? Black and gold? #77
    • Sure. Will post in a few minutes. About #77, @hiroshi_yoshioka

  • Thank you for your input. Your design is one of the favourites amongst our voters. Sorry but may I ask you to design one without words "gifts"? #78
    • Of course! I will post your requested change soon. About #78, @hiroshi_yoshioka

    • @hiroshi_yoshioka As requested, please see #245 and #246. Thank you.

  • The dividing line looks unfinished (different color on the top and bottom). Can you fix this? #147
  • this font works but can you try a few versions with 10% and 20% thicker letters for Kurios? For the logo, the height and width looks OK, but can you try a few more versions with 10% wider width? slightly bigger gap? #147
  • It logo K and G combined logo #236
  • PLS CHECK #235