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I was blown away by the entries I received! I do wish the site was a little more clear about how to handle the contest. I jumped right in after watching the intro video but then was told by a few designers that I was not rating designs and helping out their cause. It was an honest mistake while I eliminated designs just to keep moving. I did not receive a single design that I did not feel came from a very talented person! I have already recommended this site and would most certainly use it again!

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Winning design #257 by nellie8, Logo Design for Lauren Durand Designs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nellie8

Project description

Freelance Interior Design business.  Looking for a logo design that is clean, modern, and unique with a touch of pretty/feminine that can be used on all documents for home design such as invoices, business cards, website.  A unique eye catching monogram for the business name inclusive of the full name of the business is what I have pictured.   A polished, high end look. 

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  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #266
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #264
  • lld #254
  • lld #253
  • give me suggestions for better than this . thank you #248
  • just eliminating many entries by a designer without commenting only serves that designer to leave the contest and not bother trying to give you better ideas. you're not doing yourself any favors like that
    • @archinla Ive tried commenting on several before eliminating. I am amazed at the talent by designers and couldnt speak anymore highly of everything I have received. Honestly I'm just learning this site...

    • @archinla Also I have not received a single design I dont like or am not impressed by. If I've eliminated its strictly because it was off for my business and style. Thank you for your feedback though. If only the online help chat was available after hours...

    • @laurenduranddesigns well you seem to have fixated on, and have rated only one of the earliest entries. When people do this it's as if they do not see past the first design they liked and it is a disincentive to bother trying further

  • @laurenduranddesigns Hi, I made another concept for you, hope you like it, thanks. #235
  • @laurenduranddesigns Hi, hope you like it, thanks. #233
  • please check my design :) #225
  • please check my design :) #223
  • please check my design :) #215
  • hope this simple design will good #199
  • great design! Just not what I need for my business. thank you #159
  • Are you able to make these changes?
  • Have a look #160
  • Clever design. Just not the right fit. ThankS! #156
    • About #156, @laurenduranddesigns thanks for feedback sir

  • this is word right.. how about this? #154
  • how about this sir? i hope you like my idea. thanks. #151
  • Can you also move "Designs over so the R isnt cutting it off?
  • Can I see this with a similar font, same format with letters running off line please?