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Winning design #82 by graphman, Logo Design for Margin-Buddy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

Margin-Buddy is a SAAS website that takes the hassle out of a popular fundraising method in Australia (Football Margin Tickets). 

 Click here to read more about Football Margin Tickets and how it works if you'd like:

The target audience is middle-aged members of local sporting/social clubs, leaning towards females with kids aged 6-12, fairly broad I'm sorry... 

For the logo: 

Hey guys, for the logo I would like to have an Australian animal (crocodile, Kola, Kangaroo, Shark....) in a carton format. The animal should be looking friendly...
I would also like the logo to have a sporting feel to it as I'm targeting sporting clubs, so maybe the animal could be wearing a sporting guernsey, holding a ball (Australian rules football or Soccer).

Lastly, because the fundraising method uses tickets if the animal could be holding a set of tickets that would be great. This is not as important as the first two so if you can't include this then it's okay.

Thank you for all your submissions, I look forward to seeing them. 

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  • thanks for choosing crap, may your business be crap as well
  • revised design #88
  • Thank you for your submission! Love the dingo, but I think I'm after something more 2d than the 3d this logo is in. Thank you again! Love the footy down below as well mate! #83
  • Thanks for the submission, but I was after something more sporting (animal holding a ball) #58
  • Hey mate, thanks for the submission but I was after something more cartoonish. #68
  • Love it mate, was wondering if we could get rid of the pink around the eyes or even get rid of the second circle around the eyes? Really liking this mate #61
    • @thomas_1993_smith I made the adjustments. I made one with the circle, no pink, and one with them gone. #73 #72

      Thank you :)

  • plus love the crocodile! Cheers again mate #67
  • Love it mate, dude is looking jacked! #67
  • cheers for your submission - I am after something more sport orientated #58
  • Thank you so much, for the gracious rating! I made the tweaks you asked for, and added some highlights as well to the design. #61
  • Hey mate, still loving this one a lot! Was wondering if you could get the shark holding a ball (AFL ball or soccer) or tickets? Thanks mate! #18
  • Love the colors mate! awesome effort #56
  • Really like this mate! one of the best here! #54
  • Really like this mate! Could we get the Kola a different color? Like a grayish color :) Looks so good tho :) Thanks again #60
  • always make it simple n easy 2 remember #55
  • I appreciate the rating. Please let me know if you have any alterations you would like to see. Thank you. #51
  • Hey dude, really like this one but the colors are a little off. Could you change the circle to be orange and have the shark be a little darker (#021825). Really like the shark holding a soccer ball too #45
  • love the football, although it's an American football not an AFL one #46
  • About #32, I make with pleasure and if where you can choose me as the winner is much more proud :), what if there is shortage and input on this picture, please give input and I will try to fix it :)
  • Loving this one as well mate! Killing it dude #38