North Fidelity

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Project description

Brand focusing on a wide set of products including sports clothing, water bottles, accessories and much more. We would like a logo that is clean and not too detailed as the logo should be easily printed on socks for example. 

North Fidelity is the name of the brand. We have a text logo (see attached), but would like a more compact logo, without the long text, to apply to products. 

Same color as the text logo.

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  • Hi, hope you like it, this kind of logos work as an emblem, a distinctive brand used like a house baner or shield, its simple, it has dynamism, and looks strong. If you have any suggestions please feel free to ask. #551
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  • Hi, I like this one. Is it possible to make small changes? Would like to see it with the "f" slightly smaller. Also, would it be possible to do a couple of iterations of the two spikes on the "f"? Otherwise, I liked the design. Thanks #234
    • halo @mathias_santos_silva please check my new submission #432

  • kindly check my logo proposal thank you:) #423
  • Revision! Please check sir @mathias_santos_silva :) #416
  • Hi, is it possible to do this one in same colour as attached file (not grey). And same font on text below the logo. Like this one, thanks #276
    • @mathias_santos_silva Allright.. thank you for feedback my design sir :)

  • Hi, would it be possible to do a couple of small iterations on this one? I would like this logo in same color as the text logo (in attached file). And also the same color if possible (darker bluer). Otherwise I really like this one. Thanks #336
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