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Winning design #200 by marlborolight595, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by marlborolight595

Project description

We are looking for a Logo Design that includes the name of our Newspaper (preferably),
We prefer to use the colors of the Cuban Flag but we are open to fresh ideas.
Please check our website so you are aware of the content we provide.
The logo does not have to be just the flag of Cuba. It can also be a newspaper, a world map or any other idea that represents the medium

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  • About #201, @marlborolight595
    Good Job
  • Interesting. Can you do any with a hummingbird, parrot, caiman? #9
    • @periodicocubano Greetings, I can do whatever you want in my design #9, the concept of the frog is that they have a very particular communication mechanism. In most frogs, the sound is amplified by one or more vocal sacs, membranes of the skin beneath the throat or in the corner of the mouth, which are distended during the amplification of the call. Some sounds are so loud that they can be heard up to a kilometer away. For this reason, the frog is used as a concept because not only does its sound sound from a distance but it causes others of the same species to make the same sound. this can be extrapolated to the newspaper.

    • @periodicocubano yes

  • hi sir please check this entry ..i try to make a pen with cuban flag ..i hope you like it #335
  • how about this? #313
  • HOW ABOUT THIS? #308
  • hope you may like this. Feedback or suggestions appreciated, thanks. #303
  • Hi,

    Please check my concept and hope you like it.. if you need changes anything please let me know. Thank's very much

    Regards of me
    LogoPol17 #301
  • another version. #299
  • muf
    please check for my designs, thanks :) #297
  • @periodicocubano Hope you like it sir. #293
  • Hi,
    Here is my design #290 please check that out :)
    Thank you.
  • Hi,
    Here is my design #290 please check that out :)
    Thank you.
  • Please check my design,thank you #291
  • Hi,
    I was following your contest and it's very interesting to work with an media.

    After reading your creative brief and other links as inspiration I've designed your "PERIODICO CUBANO".
  • A logo concept based on "humanizing" the star from the Cuban flag. The idea was to make the readers of this Newspaper / online Newspaper the focus... the STAR. The star contains breaks in the points to give a sense of movement and progression. The typeface also puts emphasis on the word "Cubano". Client feedback is welcome and encouraged. #282
  • I hope you like it #279
  • A logo concept with a simple glyph using the letters "P" and "C" put within each other using the client's color palette. The custom glyph is accompanied by a clean slim typeface. Feedback is appreciated. #277
  • i hope like this #274
  • what about this one sir? #270
  • A simple logo concept using the Cuban flag as a custom stylized glyph, accompanied by a strong readable BOLD typeface for maximum readability. Any client feedback is welcome and encouraged. #261