PiFS (Plug-in Furniture Systems)

I love the idea of the Design Contest and I was really surprised how well it worked. We got many ideas and designs from different designers, much more than we expected. Everything went smoothly and the service is great. I would absolutely recommend it.

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Winning design #65 by cinacun, Logo Design for PiFS (Plug-in Furniture Systems) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cinacun

Project description

The new start-up "PiFS" (Plug-in Furniture Systems) is going to sell high-quality, functional, solid wooden furniture with a unique design including its core competence, the plug-in system.

 Our new company also needs a logo that is as unique, structured and fun as the company itself. One that represents the company's values and shows its character. We would like to have a logo that has, as mentioned, clear structures, shows top quality (the products are rather high-priced), it should show individuality and fun. The logo should not include cats or any other anymals.

Our core values are:
  •  Fun (active and creative)
  •  Sustainability (durable and reliable)
  •  Flexibility (customizable, exchangeable, upgradeable)
  •  Out-of-the-box thinking (be different and use the potential of the problem)

"PiFS" furniture unite design, functionality and comfort. The core competences of PiFS are the patented Plug-In System and optimized space management.

The first product of PiFS is a scratching post for cats. Every scratching post offers an incredible amount of lying-, playing-, sitting- and climbing surfaces as well as many different overstuffed beds for the cats. All surfaces can be assembled so that they fit to the individual needs of the cats and the cat owners. The surfaces can be easily interchanged within just one or two hand grips. As a result of PiFS' optimized space management, the scratching tree just uses smallest spaces.

The patented Plug-In System of PiFS allows every person to assemble the PiFS scratching post within a very short time. The PiFS concept is that easy because it works just with connecting the different modules and without having to use any nails or screws.

I'm looking forward to seeing your creative ideas!

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  • Hi Sir.

    Please check my logos designed. I hope You like my logos designed. Let me know If you like my logo designed.So please give me feedback.
    Then I can more change and any updates as your wish.
    I am waiting your quick response.

    Thank you so much!
  • Hi Victory
    Here are my first proposals #68 , #69
  • Naturally "fits" tag line optional #67
  • Naturally "fits" tag line optional #66
  • Hello 'Victory,' What & how many, colors do you prefer? Thanks
    • @bvhoffinger Hi bvhoffinger, from the colours I prefer black with some accents of turquoise. Thank you!

  • Hi cinacun, thank you for the logo, its definitely one of my favourites! Could you try to make the i-dot like the i-dot in logo no. 38 from the designer FontDCDesign, in the colour turquoise? (Is it allowed to ask that in such a contest?) thank you! #11
  • pifs (Plug-in Furniture Systems) #43
  • PIFS #42
  • . #24
  • . #23
  • . #22
  • raa
    Thanks for the feedback! Here is a new option with the globe as you requested. #19
  • Thank you, gemilank, I like it very much :-) #5
  • Hi raa, thank you for the logo, I really love it but it reminds me of the Beats Electronics logo! #2
    • raa

      I wasn't familiar with the beats logo so I looked it up. Not that similar. I hope you love it enough to keep it in the running :) Let me know if I can show you any changes. Thanks!
      About #2, @Victory

    • @raa It's definitely still in the run (its one of my favourites)! Could you try the red dot like a globe? from the colours similar to those: http://www.clker.com/clipart-earth-12.html but from the perspective like this: http://www.benjerry.com/files/live/sites/systemsite/files/our-values/issues-we-care-about/climate-justice/paris-UN-climate-deal/907-eurocentric-earth-FBOG.png doesn't have to be perfectly precise

  • . #18
  • . #17
  • this is my idea #16
  • I would make the font more round and a bit thinner #1
    • About #1, @Victory
      About #1, @Victory
      Thanks for the feedback and comment. I have made a few updates according to your feedback. Please let me know if I am going in the right direction. I have numbered the different font styles.
      Please see my new submission (#8)

  • Hi gemilank, thank you for the logo! I really like it! Could you also make it on a normal background so that it is easier to compare? #3
  • Hi crowby, I love the symbol! #1