Rough Bark Bison Company

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Project description

Rough Bark Bison Co. is a bison ranch.  We would like a logo designed for advertising purposes.  We are interested in a simple logo consisting of an outline of a bison cow in dark brown with a defined gold cape line, and an orange (ish) bison calf in tow.  The outline could be just the top half, heads, back and tails with company name below.  But would definitely like to see full outlines with company name below as well.  We want it more simplistic and stylized as opposed to cartoonish.  Name can be Company, or Co.

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  • please rate and feedback . thanks #88
  • RBBC-2p

    A wood burn preview of my RBBC-2 draft (#84). #85
  • RBBC-2

    Hi, here's a brand new concept of mine in a sample dark brown hue. It'd be both highly illustrative and adaptable for print, embroidery, metalworking etc. #84
  • Please check #68, #69 I hope you will like this gorgeous and meaningful eye catching logo. Thank You!
  • Hello sorry for the question but can you please explain this gold cape line part? thanks
    • @50djchincy The cape is the lighter colored hair on the front quarter of the bison.

  • Hope you´l like this design, hand dwawn by myself. Guaranteed to be unique.
    Cheers #49
  • REVISED spelling BISON #48
  • I tried to give this a county ranch look..Hope you like gonna post 15 revisions to the same bison head different texts and different sizes.. Please note that the calf head can be put on top or behind the big ones head.. Any ideas about the design and feedback would be appreciated. dosent matter if i win or not please put me a message about the design ..Best regards Chintha #23
  • Good morning sir, this is my job for you. #8
    Feedback is welcome.
    Thank you.
  • RBBC-1p

    A wood burn preview of my first draft (#10). #12
  • RBBC-1

    Hello, this is my first draft in a sample tone scheme – a ™, © or ® symbol could be added, as well as a small location tag.
    Let me know what you think. #10