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Winning design #205 by beula_2570, Logo Design for Suburban Home Inspections LLC Contest
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designed by beula_2570

Project description

Open to new and fresh ideas!!! Some Ideas about what i might like or dislike: NO man or magnifying glass on logo please. Just "S" for Suburban with design might be and option Nothing tacky Part of a roof or house might work Logos liked: Ralph lauren, nike, IBM, Tigers/Yankees baseball letter logos, Platinum/silver based for colors with maybe black/Blue outline Just Suburban Inspections might work.. Letters S and maybe H and I mixed might work for (Suburban Home Inspections) Suburban with H and I Thank You!

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  • Hi CH i have my new entry #33 it is open for any advise and suggestions thank you ..
    • Hello they are not copied entries and its my own idea

  • Regarding #95 Could you give some more advice on color, I am not sure what you are looking for from your design brief.
  • Hello. My name is Stephan.I would appreciate if you can give me some feedback on my designs #65 and #66.Also,feel free to tell me what to change/delete.
  • Can you take the line out under suburban and take the chimney out Please We would like to see it like that Could you also put the words in Helvetica font in a separate logo Thx
    • Dear Ch, I have modified the logo as you requested.please check #200 and let me know if u have more suggestions :) Thanks

  • Are you available to make changes? I sent a request earlier
    • Please check my entry #200 and yes i'm available for modifications :)

  • entry is too much like entry 146 please be original
  • Hello! I have submitted #173 and #174 . I took the elements from your brief and incorporated a check mark to symbolize the inspection side of your business - a passing grade for your business and your clients. I provided two different designs with that concept. Let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks!
  • Hello CH! Here are some designs (#162, #163, #164, #166, #167) with different alignments and presentations. Feedbacks are always welcome. Regards, Mustafa
  • Great! This one is my favorite out of over 130 entries. I will let you know as soon as I get a second opinion Thank You Good JOB!
  • It looks great! I'm going to get a second opinion before I choose your logo. If I pick your logo, will it be okay to have the two tone and single color logos with several color options.
    • Thank you for the feedback and yeah sure i can give you two tone and single color logos with several color options.

  • Can you take out the line and put Home Inspections LLC in grey/silver Your thoughts on the two tone look or the one color look?? Thx
    • I think two tone look is better it will make title highlight

  • So far I like your logo the best. Could you please show me one with black outline or may be other choices that you think I might like Thx
  • Could you show this in platinum/silver/greyish color Thx
  • copying entries 40 and 41 you can't take feedback from one designer and make it your own
  • Nice logo There are 5 that I like and this in one of them. I like the back and grey, the logo will be on white and dark blue. Any other ideas to fine tune this logo?
    • Hey Thanks for the feedback and I have uploaded some variants and please let me know if you have any suggestions :)

  • Hello, CH! I will start edit my project (entry #94) and add your vision to it. I will provide it to you at the earliest opportunity! Thank you for the feedback.
  • Would you have any ideas about maybe putting the design before the wording or before and partially over it I'm down to 4 logos I like and this is one
  • Could you also add LLC to the logo Thank You
  • Could you also add LLC to the logo Thank You