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Project description

Hi there!

We're launching a new brand of professional fertilizers for english-speaking markets. These will be aimed at mid- and large-scale agriholdings (not "home & garden" segment!).

We have a name and are looking for logo design.

Name: SuNKiss

Subline: Special (will be removed or changed, there is a pending decision on future subbrands).

The product will be sold in 25, 50 and 500 kg bags; also in bulk. The logo will be used on packaging, on printed marketing materials (brochures, leaflets) and on website.

Design requirements:

- A logo should have an idea behind, and this idea should be easy to understand. We don't need just a fancy typeface.

- NK letters should be highlighted - this is important, as these letters symbolize basic product material.

- A logo should have not more than 3-4 colors (including black) - because of special requirements of bag production. If possible, would be good to see sand color (RGB 189:128:81).

- Sunshine theme should be used (as a natural factor of growth, name component and emotional touch).

- Horizontal logo is priority; still, an emblem is also possible.

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  • Hi Sir
    can you check and feedback for me
    hopefully that's what you're looking for
    thank you #113
  • Hi Sir
    can you check and feedback for me
    hopefully that's what you're looking for
    thank you #112
  • Hi CH,

    About #109 and #110.
    A logo which symbolizes growth, emotions and will standout of the rest. The raising sun shows sunshine and progress, also have incorporated fields to make it easy to understand that its for mid and large-scale agriculture.
    Looking forward to you feedback.


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  • This one is interesting, thanks! Could you please tweak a bit the typeface (kerning & symbols, esp. first "S" - too complicated) and the sun so it's not so spiked (perceived a bit aggressively)? #89
  • Thanks feedback from you;)
    How about this one?
    Regards. #74
  • Emotionally there is something interesting in the signs of #59, #61 & #62, but the typeface does not match at all #62
  • Thanks! There's something good in this one... Could you please work a bit on the typeface (this one is too scientifical), the sun (this one is very sharp, a bit aggressive) and the green round (reminds a claw a little bit)? #66
  • This one might be interesting - granule, seed, sun, planet, growth & care - but currently overloaded with details. Maybe more work on typeface & graphic element would help to make it more fresh, simple & stylish #52
  • This is being read as "SuNOKiss" #55
  • Thanks! While the idea of something happening in the intersection might be interesting, the current element is too complicated (both visually and in terms of further production) - maybe you'll have a more minimalistic idea.. #72
  • Please check my design,thank you. #72
  • Thanks! Could you please try different font colors (green NK, yellow Su...iss)? And would be good to have a version with less details as the current one might be problematic to produce #47
    • @aleksandr_ponomarev hi CH. this is my latest entry #71.. i am very much ready for the project.. thanks and regards..

  • While it looks quite elegant, it very much reminds Nespresso logo #53
  • And one more thing - would be good to still have NK somehow highlighted (by size, color or any other way) #65
  • Might be too much, but is there any option to incorporate a growing leaf?.. #26