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Almagalangi interpreted my brief exactly. Absolutely thrilled with my new company logo. And look forward to future work together.

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Winning design #142 by Almagalangi, Logo Design for Air Project Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Almagalangi

Project description

  • A logo featuring a European alpine mountain (not the North American Rocky mountain style)
  • Incorporating the Swiss white cross on a red background (Not the actual flag)  The proportions of the Cross must be exactly the same as found on the Swiss National flag.
  • Incorporating the words "Swiss Alpine Air" in Helvetica font.

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  • Thank you for everyone's submissions. Many have been fantastic quality, some slightly dubious.
    The ones that most disappointed me were the blatant copies of existing designs that I had rated highly (you know who you are)

    My business partner and I will meet tomorrow to hopefully choose the final design. Thanks again for your efforts.
  • Dear,
    This is My Design, Hopefully you would like it.
    I will wait for your feedback to help me make the design better. Thanks.
    Best regards, Alampeo. #220
    Hi CH, here is my design. I look forward to your feedback #208
  • I'm amazed at how many people ignore the brief that specifies the "white cross" as well as ignoring my request to use Helvetica font.
  • Hope you like it. #186
  • Thanks for your designs. You're style is unique and bold. Very original. Unfortunately on this occasion is isn't the logo I'm looking for.
  • Another option. Thanks #185...
  • Beautiful Switzerland, Alpine Panorama & Edelweisse #176
  • Zermatt & Lake #175
  • Swiss Alps Panorama #174
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #164
  • Hi CH! This is my logo design for you.I hope you like it. Please give me some ratings and feedbacks to know my details. Once again Thank and Godspeed! :) #163
  • How about this? #152
  • Please feedback. thanks #151
  • Hello, my first proposal. Thanks #149
  • I made this myself clipart, and on his own ideas.
    what revision like this that you want? how to design me this?
    Please provide feedback, thank you #142
    • @Almagalangi really like it. You're currently in the lead. Many thanks.

  • About #129, @Almagalangi Please change from all capitals. It should read "Swiss Alpine Air" in Helvetica font.

    Please also confirm that the mountain clipart is not used anywhere else.
    Did you design the mountain clipart yourself?
  • please feedback
    thank you #137
  • how about my design
    please feedback #129
  • how about my dseign,
    please feedback,thank you #128