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Winning design #318 by Ozin, Logo Design for TheoremReach Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Ozin

Project description

We partner with mobile app developers to offer their users premium in-app content they'd normally have to spend real $$ for in exchange for completing quick, in-app surveys.

It's a fun way for app users to get free content while sharing their opinion on their favorite products!

Perhaps you could play off the word Reach.

So what kind of symbol does reach convey.  Global, national, people, etc.

For theorem. So to prove something.  I dont know if there is a symbol for that either.

Additionally we're mobile focused so you could do something like an app icon or incorporate that in.

Or something related to a survey like a checkbox.

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  • hello, sir.

    this is new my concept, please check and i hope you like it.
    thanks for you like my design.

    best regards.

    haidar. #324
    • About #329, @tom8 hello, tom8.
      I follow the development of the countest that you open, I hope you chose wisley winner.


      greetings from me.


  • Hi!I'm Andrea from Italy,if you like that feel free to contact me for improvements or corrections.Scrool down and use the zoom lens in the top for watch the image in full resolution.

    Thanks. :)

  • hi sir,how about my design it? thank you very much. #390
  • v1 #357
  • pleas check my entry #356
  • please check and Feedback my entry #355
  • @tom8 please check and Feedback my entry #351
  • I created a sophisticated logo that could escape the cliché of little arrows. And it can be used as app icon.
    The colors can be changed. #349
  • Theorem Reach #348
  • @tom8 . please check my entry . #337
  • a word reach is trying to 'REACH'.... logo network with ticks #335
  • lot of cards with ticks #333
  • Hello
    i wish you like it
    thanks #323
  • any feedback, Sir? #318
  • My new design. #310
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #309
  • Hi @tom8, Please check my design entries #306 & #307. I hope you like it. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  • Hope you like it #284
  • how about this? #274
  • xfdg #262