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Winning design #132 by alexsandoval, Logo Design for United States Eurasier Club Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alexsandoval

Project description

We are in the process of a website redesign and would like the logo redesigned as well.  You can look up the current website but it is being completely redone.

We would like natural earth tone neutral colors. I would like to see what you all come up with before giving further details.  

The words United States Eurasier Club need to be in the logo of course.  A sketch or drawing or photo with effects of a Euraiser IS REQUIRED to be in the logo!!  I will attach some photos of a Eurasier dog you can use. DO NOT USE any of the photos posted, but you can use the photos to make the sketch or drawing from.

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  • I am sure you will win then, we are still voting in the club! ;-)
  • Hi there. Your logo has the most votes so far!! ;-)
  • About #137, @alexsandoval If we choose this logo, would you be willing to make small changes? Fix the white nose? Maybe add line around the right side of tongue? Maybe add a little more color to the right side of that face? Also would you include the red, white, and blue logo with stars if we choose this logo?
    • @rhiannon188 of course, If you choose the logo, in the delivery process you can request modifications to the final design. In addition, according to the rules of DC must be delivered: a PDF file, a PNG file and the original in Adobe Illustrator format.

  • OK no problem, I fixed it so I can send to the other ladies to vote on.
  • Also can you do one version with no drop shadow? Thank you. #137
    • @rhiannon188 time expired. no can upload more files.

  • About #137, @alexsandoval What did you do to the dog noise? I do not like the white in the nose, please fix the nose. Thank you.
  • Can you please put this on a white backround so we can see it that way? Thank you! #133
  • These were nice ideas, but just did not feel as nice as some others, thank you thou!! #125
  • About #134, @Kkey Thank you for submitting but the design is not our favorite. :-)
  • 128 had the drop shadow on the circle just not the ribbon :-) #133
  • Hello! The contest is about to end. I need this one without the added drop shadows on the ribbon that you added when you added the EST 2006. Thank you!! So like number #128, but keep the EST 2006, thank you! #131
  • About #132, @alexsandoval Can you please take off the shadow that you just added to the ribbon? Thanks!!
    • @rhiannon188 of course... is only for show in contest.

  • Thank you for the logo, it is nice but not quite what we were looking for. #130
  • Hi. Can you please change the year to read 2006? Also Can I see 2 versions: one "since 2006" and another one "Est 2006" . Thank you!! #128
  • About #128, @alexsandoval Ohhh this is even better. It is my top favorite so far but 4 other women will be voting on it. You have my win thou! I love the font since 2015 you changed to fit the circle very nice. Also the dog hair added is very nice as well!!! :-) Thank you!
  • retouches to the sketch of the dog. #128
  • thank you for the feedback, I offer new design please feedback again thank you #123
  • Nice design but I feel the dog gets lost, she is too small. #120
  • @rhiannon188
    Please find my latest entry #114, #115, #116
  • Oh very clever, I like this a lot but the dog does not look like the dog in the photos. #110
    • @rhiannon188 ok. i'll try to change. thanks