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We have migrated from a social purpose, for now, to a military focused manufacturer of expeditionary structures and water and sewer treatment solutions. Our main benefits are sustainability, ease of assembly, low energy requirement, reusability. A play on the initials might be the right direction, although this is not set in concrete. 

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  • Congratulations, You are the winner :) - Can you also do one logo replacing the circle with a hexagon? #9
  • Hello @ronb

    Please, check this new proposals for your logo design.
    I hope you like it.

    Let me know your comments. Thanks. #199
  • Hi, feel free to let me know if you need anything, thank you. #155
  • please checked again it,thanks. #118
  • please checked it,thanks. #117
  • hi sir,please checked it,thanks. #116
  • please check this logo design. #110
  • please check this. #109
  • WHS2 #108
  • WHS1 #107
  • please this check. #106
  • check this #105
  • please check this design. #104
  • Please check this. #103
  • simple #102
  • how are you, Mr. ronb? #101
  • mockup 2 #100
  • mockup #99
  • A modern and stylish logo, based on the stylized font used which is formed from the initials of the three naming. #98
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