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Project description

We would like to have a logo, that represents aircraft manufacturing business. We produce small acrobatic planes for pilots all over the world to practice and train on. Apart from manufacturing planes we also produce aircraft wheels and breaks. We'd like to think of our company as a modern one.

In the shape of our logo we'd like to place the letter "Z" as it is the first letter of our company name. The letter would be in an artistic design, almost unreadable, on a white background.
As a starting image you can, but not limited to, use the attached silver logo that needs to be modernised. 
Would be nice to have a logo with a 3D touch and visuals from the front, from above.

One more thing we'd like to see as a possible "add-on" would be that from the logo you can see - play with the word ZLIN as ZLIN is IN, so the "in" could be placed there somewhere.

Possible idea is to incorporate into the logo's shape a shape of a Pelican bird that is landing on the water.

Please feel free to ask me any more questions.
At the moment we're working on our website to be redesigned and use the logo there.

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