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Winning design #144 by maglid, T-shirt Design for Fanmade Loud Fan-Shirt Contest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maglid

Project description

Fanmade's Fan-Spirit Contest

We're looking for the ultimate fan-inspired shirt for our ravenous sports-oriented marketplace.

The Contest: Create a fan shirt that's perfect for tailgating or watching a game with friends. Your design should be full of energy, wit, and, most importantly, one that fans of a particular city, town, or team will love (or one rivals will hate!).  Your shirt should be in English and focus on college or professional sports in the U.S. Gold winner wins full prize. Silver and Bronze will receive a $50 coupon to get whatever they want on

You may also post your design for sale on (tag it "contest"); which will allow us to further promote your design and the contest (you will be paid for any sales of work that you own according the standard fanmade terms) (18% commission.)

Fine Print: No trademarked or copyrighted materials. Do not refer to a team by its full trademarked name, e.g., Green Bay Packers. Do not include any team or league logos. Sizing should be 10 x 12 inches aspect ratio, 150 dpi. Transparent PNGs only. No specific minimum or maximum per number of colors.

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  • DG
    Sir, here is your work, please check this out and let me know.. #145
  • Thanks Peter!

    I have One more on the rivalry theme coming for you. I think it Works best with my Style of drawing/designing. Stay tuned :-)

    • @maglid Ok Great. Also, we are getting caught up on our payments for July and August, so you should see any owed commissions come through from the Beta period. Fanmade is officially launched now so hopefully you'll see more come through soon! Note, I removed the work Vikings from your title but left it in the keywords. We don't want to convey that this is official merchandise (Although we have program for that we can discuss at some point). - If you need to contact me about anything, I am - skype: peter.tomassi

    • @peter4 I think it's cool to be on Fanmade from the absolute beginning. I don't have any Commissions waiting yet :-) No problem with you removing Viking from the title, I will think of this in the future.

  • In this entry I've made a design based on the best things in Michigan. Ice Hockey and Kellog's Rice Krispies :-) #92
  • Additional sites to consider:,,,
  • We recently extended to the contest because too few of the entries met the guidelines for an award. We were thus not able to establish Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Please review the contest guidelines and examples carefully and explore other sports-related sites.
  • Folks, I notice that the contest has been extended to to 35 Days. That is an error as it should be ending this week. We are contacting DesignContest.
  • See sites such as: and
  • Just a link that might inspire you in these final days, considering creating a design that will work for one of the big college sport rivalries, such as:
  • Dear entrants,

    We wanted to let you know that we have removed the requirement that you post your entries to While we encourage you to post work for sale on, it will not affect out the outcome of this contest. Thank you. In Addition, we are extending this contest for a few more days and will be providing some additional examples later today. Good luck!
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  • Applying my original artwork to this shirt. And the artwork was done by handdrawing #64
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