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Winning design #70 by Asiong19, T-shirt Design for Gotta Live  [website is] Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiong19

Project description

I need a design/logo for a beach, surf, sand, boat etc. type apparel that would be applied to rash guards, surf gear, t shirts and UPF clothing.   

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  • can you put this on a hat? #53
    • @stephenhiggins02 #69 logo on cap

    • @Asiong19 love it. can you turn the "GL" logo just slightly clockwise so its not facing up as much?...

    • @stephenhiggins02 slightly rotated clockwise #70

    • @stephenhiggins02 anything you want to change/improve? please dont hesitate to tell me thanks

    • @Asiong19 added another comment.... asking to put GL and more 'inside' the wave

  • really nice!! final thought.... can the "GL" fit more within the wave, so it doesn't jut out so far... maybe more rounded to mirror the wave, without losing the design #70
  • @stephenhiggins02 Hello CH please see entry #53 thanks
    • excellent!!! About #53, @Asiong19

    • any chance you can make the G and the L a little more readable... so it looks like a G and an L, but leave the same design? About #53, @Asiong19

    • in other words, so it looks like a G and an L About #53, @stephenhiggins02

    • @Asiong19 where did your entry go? it is excellent!!!

    • @stephenhiggins02 Thank you, I'm glad you like it

    • @stephenhiggins02 please see entry #68 option 2 letter G with subtle letter L

  • thx i like the one you did originally #68
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #50
  • can you put subtle waves at the bottom of the GL logo without losing the crispness? #22
  • Can you make the swirls at the bottom of the G logo more wavelike? #41
  • can i see this with a hashtag in front? #22
  • About #20, @rizzqi not liking the font on this or the G and L
  • About #22, @CreativeMan nice!!
  • About #35, @rizzqi really liking it.
  • About #39, @DyNiC123 like it....any way to incorporate the "L' in the logo design...
  • like the wave incorporation.... #41
  • Hello Sir, How about design #33 and #49
    The color scheme may vary as per your demand, actually I used a different blue color than the one which is visible in the logos, that's why I had to clearify .
  • this is good! can you work in a logo that matches the font style... #11
    • About #11, @stephenhiggins02 Okay, I'll try thank you for your feedback..

  • can you also vary the logo - with the background and without.... using the same style font... #22
  • thank's for your rate. feedback please for revision as you want. #26
  • can you put logo on a hat #26
    • About #26, @stephenhiggins02 what hat color you want sir?
      sory,my english is not well but i'll try to understand what you want

  • the font style is very good... as is the logo.. #22
  • About #13, @rizzqi much better!! Liking it. Any way to make the G and L more pronounced without losing the deign?
    • About #13, @stephenhiggins02 I'll try again.. Thanl you for your feedback..