Infinite Vision

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Project description

My daughter free handed this logo we want to put on tshirts as part of our clothing line. I want to get some options but stay very close to the drawing  

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  • and this one is the handwritten version #73
  • on black t-shirt #71
  • @kennynorth thank you so much for the revision:D i hope you like this revised version #70
  • with white background #66
  • as you say with previously comment, please review with black background #65
  • Dear @kennynorth ,
    Another option
    Thanks #61
  • Dear @kennynorth ,
    another option with black shirt/black background
    hope you like it
    Thanks #57
  • About #29, Waiting for your feedback CH @kennynorth
  • Hello, ch. :)

    I am waiting for your feedback and suggestions to improve my design.
    I will be happy to do as you wish, I always try to give the best for you.



    Dav #56
  • how about this? #55
  • modification, i really hope you like this.



    Dav #54
  • Hello, ch.
    please check. If you need changes or modifications.
    I will gladly do my best for you.



    DavArt #53
  • Can you put it on a black background #52
  • Can you try a different cursive font? I really like the color #14
    • @kennynorth yes. i can. i will modification this design. thank you so much for your feedbck. best regards DavArt

  • Can you try a rusty gold instead of red #4
  • Can you add color to the top of the pyramids and use vision instead of visions #25
  • Can you try it with a black background #38
  • infinite vision
    green - fresh #40
  • Hello there CH @kennynorth ! Hope you are having a wonderful day ! The T-shirt design is designed to look very professional and is as per the brief. Waiting for your valuable feedback. Ready to do any revisions if required.

    3B DESIGNS #29
    • @kennynorth I'm waiting for your feedback CH :)

  • I'm so sorry, should have merged them into one picture. i hope you guys like it!