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Winning design #34 by Bayu, Team Clothing Design for Dahhan Sports Palestine Football Kit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Bayu

Project description

You will be working on an Palestine National Soccer Team jersey.
It will be mainly using the colors red, white, and black, green (maybe gold). You can use other colors too.

The logos on the right of the chest will be the same (Palestine National Logo), I will send a file with it, and I will send my company logo (can be changed to any color to suit design).

You will make either the home or away design, I want it to be complex, colorful, beautiful, and culturally connected – and this is the hardest part. You can get cultural symbols to be displayed across the whole jerseys in the background, or make them part of the actually design patterns of the jersey. Examples will be given.

Please try to give the kit the feeling that when you see it, it is so cool, you have to buy it or show your friend because of how innovative, colorful, and beautiful it is.

Also please try not to make the jersey look like the flag of Palestine since this idea has been overused way to much! 

A vector version of the design is necessary for payment!!


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  • About #25, @Bayu I like these designs a lot, easily frontrunners, maybe try some more variations, and maybe a red variation. Everything is pretty nice though.
    • @sales7 thanks a lot sir.. i'll post the design right away..

    • About #34, @Bayu If you take number 34, and try a red sides and back, and maybe another red variation with green sleeves, we may find the one.

    • About #32, @sales7 The file you will send me if you win is the vector file correct? So I can just play with the colors myself?

    • @sales7 of course is all vector sir.. And yes you can play with the colors..

  • Hellow @sales7
    nice to see a contest for Palestine football team :D and i am happy to work on it
    here is my first design and i used the " Kufiah" in my design as i know it means a lot for everyone in Palestine and it is a proof of manhood in your culture, so the team also will give nice impression with this style
    hope to get your feedback

    Best regards
    • About #38, @ASMARICA This is very nice as a tshirt design but not as a jersey. We may still be interested. Any chance you made a vector file for this design?

    • @sales7 thanks for feedback, this design is totaly vector, but i tried to show you the realistic view and how will appear after printing i have also a question, which kind of printing are you planning to use? is it sublimation (All over T-shirt printing) ?

  • Thanks again sir.. this is variant red color what you ask for, hope you like it

    Kind Regards,

    Bayu #42
  • @sales7
    some changes in the pattern, please see the design on full size screen for pattern details #40
  • here is the design again without the model guy #39
  • About #37, @NzH This kit is nice, but it looks too much like a club kit.
  • About #35, @NzH This kit is nice, but there is a lack of cultural significance besides the colors.
  • I make a flat design now.. I adding a gold color make it a little bit elegant.. and other variant color for home, away, or 3rd Jersey..
    hope u like it..

    Kind Regards,

    Bayu #34
  • About #30, @HichamBahr This is a nice kit, but the pattern isn't culturally accurate.
  • About #30, @HichamBahr This is a nice kit, but the pattern isn't culturally accurate.
  • the design concept from flag #28
    • @acslikeme I said not to use the flag for the design. Also the kits looked very unprofessional.

  • About #24, @aweHH Overall, this design is crowded and plain. Not a huge fan.
  • My Palestine football jersey design using some traditional pattern design. Sorry if I made any mistake on the design and hope you guys will like the design, thanks! #23
    • About #23, @yman0506 The pattern isn't a traditional one, or at least not a well known one. Also this jersey looks too much like the flag, something we warned about.

  • About #19, @pramon_o I like this kit design, maybe adjust the colors to try more red and black, but so far its a finalist.
    • About #21, @sales7 The yellow and black designs are too intense, but maybe make a red one just to see how it looks.

  • hi i realised that most of the jerseys dont put their national flag in front but at the back. Is it a must to include it in the front chest area as indicated in the brief?
    • @locorocorolling You don't have to, but its recommended.

  • About #9, @tukang_koran This kit looks too much like the flag, something we warned against in the brief and files.
  • About #3, @jack7 I like this kit, maybe a predominantly white version with a little more red would look better. Also make sure the collar is a standard rounds collar!
    • About #3, @sales7 oke, i will fix it up then, thanks for the response

    • About #7, @jack7 Looking at these kits again, they don't show a very modern and unique style, maybe you should try a different approach.

  • About #8, @d3d3r0r0 The correct logos weren't used and the design seems too plain.
  • About #10, @blueskinrulez We believe the patterns on these kits are way too strong to be worn on field.
  • About #15, @Asiral I like the pattern you added, if you can incorporate more color, and this pattern in either this way or in other areas, that would be awesome.
    • @sales7 I will try my best, post it as soon as possible.

    • About #17, @Asiral The new design seems like it would be unrealistic for a team to wear on field.