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Winning design #56 by FullHeads, Website Design for Moose Tools (Webmaster Tools for Affiliates) Contest
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designed by FullHeads

Project description

The site is called Moose Cash, and it will house the webmaster promotional tools of a raunchy affiliate program. Below is a screen shot of a similar type of site. I include it just in case you're not familiar with the content of an affiliate program site, or a “cash site”. It needs similar features as this: Here are the specs: Domain name: Name: Moose Cash Logo: (PSD source files) (preview) I'd like the site to flow and fit with the logo. It can be bouncy and fun. Look and feel for the site: Like the logo above, a mix of modern and 80's inspired, Spud's McKenzie beach party in Florida. Sun, beach, babes, waves, money. Colors: Blues, red, yellow, beachy feeling, like the logo – your discretion. Don'ts: - Don't use the same “computer monitor” idea in the screenshot above for the buttons and fields. Something else attractive or creative that goes with the theme is desired. Navigation bar on the Home Page includes this text: Home Sign Up Our Sites Linking Codes Promo Tools Resources Support Terms of Use

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  • If it were free, I could easily make it blind. The site charges $39 for some reason. Seems like that shouldn't be an upsell, just site a feature.
  • Hi MooseCash, is it possible to make this contest blind? Regards, Vilma
  • @Salman - Check out the example listed and the screenshot included as an attachment, and you'll see, a similar company. Visit that in your browser, and I think the nature of this new company (Moose Cash) will be a little more clear. It's an affiliate program for adult-themed paysites. Thanks for your question!
  • Dear CH Please Add More Brief about your company what you do, then we will do something better. Thanks Salman khan
  • The #2 and #3 submissions did the only thing mentioned under "Donts" in the brief. I do not want the three computer monitors copied from epicpandacash. I included that screenshot as an example of a site with similar functions, but I don't want to clone it. Thanks for your submissions, but please read the brief - it will save your hard work. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask and I will be happy to explain!
  • About #2 Dear CH, Its my first proposition, but its not finish yes. If you like the this way let me know. hope you like it. Regards, enkor
  • @Entry #1 by Nabir: Thanks for your entry. That's too black, and looks too much like a customized template from a site builder though for my taste. I'm looking for something with more color, bounce, and fun, and that flows with the logo. I also would like to avoid having a picture of the beach with photoshopped bags of money added to it as the focal point. Although the brief mentions "Sun, beach, babes, waves, money" for look and feel, I mentioned those words more to inspire the look of the design. I guess I would use those same words to describe the feeling of the silly logo. If they were going to appear literally, I think they could possibly be something in the background, buttons, or decorative elements. But they aren't a necessity as a literal inclusion.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted my 1st entry in your contest. Please rate this design & tell me the required changes you want in this design. thanks. Regards,Nibir
  • @Anzee Affiliate programs work like this: a business that has a product to sell (it can a tangible good like shoes or an intangible good like a subscription to an adult website) can set up an affiliate program that pays commission to people sending it traffic by tracking their sales. When you see links to products that look like this: , it's very likely the "2313" identifies the affiliate. Clicking on that link has dropped a cookie on your computer, and if you buy something at that website, the affiliate who posted the link you clicked will get credit for the sale. This payout can be as low as 2-10% if you're promoting something like iTunes or Amazon, or 50% if promoting adult websites. This is the website an affiliate will use to register as an affiliate and be issued his affiliate code. This affiliate program will contain a series of adult-themed websites. The Moose is the mascot. Affiliates promote, and everybody makes cash. Moose Cash. Most paysite programs just pick an animal or a sexy word and add the word "bucks", "dollars", or "cash" to it. I don't know why that is, but it's just become the standard. Have you ever noticed those tiny links at the bottom of a site that say "Webmaster$"? Those links lead to affiliate programs. I hope that explaination helped!
  • Hi Contest Holder, Im participating in...however Im confuse about the services that this website provide? Is it a domain seller website? regards, Anuar.
  • Hi CH, My 1st design.Please let me know what other remark you want in this design. Awaiting for your kind comment. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Dear CH, Can I have your feedback on entry #11 please? Thanks.
  • your entry is way too close to other designers ideas/concepts in this contest
  • Dear CH, I kindly ask you to make this contest "blind" so the entries are more unique :) and original. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Here are the changes requested #45, Thoughts please...
  • Hey CH, Working on the changes, will upload in a while :)
  • Hello CH, Check #56, #38, #39, #40 difference is in showcase of websites, in one a list of 6 featured webs in monitor frames, in other version a showcase wheel working as a slideshow automatically and also navigate manualy also if you are going to change those 4 statment captions (in benefits) i could do them with exact words or in other style if any changes needed , please just notify, Kind regards FullHeads
  • #36 my fist submission, if there is any changes you want to see just let me know thanks.
  • what is you base color choice either DARK or LIGHT?
  • esphan, would you please show me a version of this (#24) where the yellow and reds in the horizontal bars match a little closer to the yellow and red in the logo?