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Project Name :: Cronus

- Based on Greek God, patron of Harvest [ ], this an IT Infrastructure Team Project to provide a solution that will allow any Developer to create and manage Infrastructure Resources in the cloud to then deploy their own Application on top, Titan of the Harvest.

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  • Hello ch, please check my different design option, hopefully you like. #13
  • Hi, I combine the letter "C" with a harp for the icon, hope you like it and let me know if you need any changes on the design, thank you. :) #7
  • Hi, hope you like my design, thisdesign is based on an oz o cyhte, the tool that was related to Cronus or Kronos. Its an abstract representation of it. Its a playful, minimalistic and modern design. The colors can be modified if you want but i thikn this match perfectly, with high contrast and vibrant colors. Good luck with your contest and hope you find the perfect icon for you. #6
  • its a cronus sword ,
    please give a feedback and rate , thanks #2
  • The logo was inpirated by Cronus Sickle #1