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    I enjoy the flexibility of working as a designer with DesignContest.com and competing in the many diverse and interesting contests offered. Helping contest holders find the perfect solution to meet their design needs are challenges I enjoy. The administration, support and designers are top-notch, and it's wonderful to be part of a design community that offers such a great service.

  • lizonil


    Entries: 525 Wins: 38

    DesignContest.com has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
    I’m inspired!

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CashRub, a location-based consumer app that helps retailers to launch crowdsource marketing campaigns to improve foot traffic and engagement.Customers get rewards for visiting stores, sharing offers on social media or refereeing to other friends. These rewards can be redeemed for deals.

CashRub provides a retail experience that is not driven by the lowest price offering. It provides retailers with way to capture loyal customers with incentives -- and unlike things like Payback, you can accumulate points just by stopping in the store. You don't necessarily have to buy anything. CashRub helps combat the lure of in-store price comparison apps that have been causing retailers grief of late (see Amazon). It also notifies store staff when Shopkick users are in store, allowing salespeople to offer personalized service. It helps retailers to promote their products or offers locally and reward the loyal customers through a crowdsource way. It is more like a google adwords for local retailers where you can launch the campaigns and attract the footfall. Retailers pay certain rewards to customers directly and hence customers are directly benefited.


Store can have the detailed buying process of the consumer and they can see the activity report of its customers. It will act as a powerful CRM tool for them to engage with their loyal customers and design the marketing campaigns accordingly.

With CashRub as the point of entry, stores and companies can better engage with their consumers and push mobile marketing to more relevant target groups.



My Reference designs are shopkick and shopsavvy


Color Blue, green or orange shades


Please find attached wireframes you can modify them as per the UX standards you feel


It should look very appealing and should be very easy to follow

ends in14d 8h

Looking for a design that stands out for all of our employees to wear as well as handouts for our preferred customers. Our employees often visit customer facilities for service work, so the brand recognition is important. 

Design should incorporate that we are an authorized Fanuc Robotics integrator.

ends in14d 8h

The society called "Froburger" is part of an old tradition at the universities: students engage themselves in student societies, which help them to make connections not only with students of their own subject, but with experts in every field possible. They organise multiple events per year, and also meet themselves weekly or even more often. As they grow older, finish their studies and start working, they keep in touch with new active students, and former colleagues through this society. With their membership contribution, they even help support the active students.

This webpage should help attract young students, so they may also be part of this tradition, but also should be easy to use and appealing for older generations.

Our old website: http://www.avfroburger.ch/

Important Points: 
 - Please design the Start Page of the Website.
 - Be aware, that your design should contain an navigation bar somewhere
 - Use this text on the Frontpage: http://joomla.avfroburger.ch/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23&Itemid=123

Nice to have:
- One should be able to adapt the Design of the Frontpage to other pages, and mabye even derieve it to design printable Documents.

A group of those students will discuss all suggestions on 1. of June. Expect detailed feedback on the next day.
On a second meeting, the 8 of June, we will reevaluate all entries, and decide a winner.

About froburger (in German):
Die akademische Verbindung Froburger vereinigt aktive und ehemalige farbentragende Studierende der Universität Basel und der Fachhochschule NW. Als Sektion des Schweizerischen Studentenvereins (Schw.St.V)  pflegen wir die Freundschaft über alle Generationen hinweg und bemühen uns um christliche Werte. Wir Frauen und Männer pflegen alte studentische Traditionen angepasst an die Lebensweise des 21. Jahrhunderts und engagieren uns in Studium, Beruf, Familie und Öffentlichkeit. Unser Wahlspruch lautet: „Mit starkem Willen den rechten Weg“ oder „voluntate forti viam rectam“.

About Froburger (translated):
The academic alliance Froburger unites active and former Student of the University of Basel and the Fachhochschule NW. As a member of the Swiss Students Society we maintain friendship over all generations and keep up christian values.
We women and men maintain old traditions of students, adapted to the 21st century and engage in studies, work, family and public. Our motto is: "With a strong will the right way" or "voluntate forti viam rectam".

ends in14d 8h

Bangor Children's Dentistry is a pediatric dental practice. We want something that will appeal to our target demographic, mothers 20-34 yrs old. We would like a design that incorporates what the area is known for such as: black bears, canoes, moose, rivers etc. A Google search for Maine will bring up images of the outdoors and what the area is known for.

Also use the slogan "Growing healthy smiles"

ends in14d 8h

I would like you to create a mobile responsive website using DudaMobile.com's free templates.  No programming necessary, just using the templates available, design a site. 

DudaMobile has many premade themes, but it also has a blank theme where you can create your own theme. I want a total of 3 pages, a home page that looks like MotiveLearning.com, a video gallery page like http://motivelearning.com/video_gallery.html, and a product page like http://motivelearning.com/portfolio_detail.html.

My idea of a good site is MotiveLearning.com. http://motivelearning.com/.

Colors: bold, youthful design (no gray, beige, eggshell, taupe). Real pictures preferred not clip art or illustrations.

The site will have a lot of videos on the site, like MotiveLearning. The subject matter is cyberbullying prevention. We are building mobile cyberbullying prevention courses and stories.  For the sample courses and stories, you can use videos from YouTube.

ends in14d 8h

My website is for selling medical equipment.  I sell primarily to lay-people but also to doctors offices, pharmacies, etc.  Because of this, I need something easy on the eyes for normal people to see, without downplaying its medical benefits.

ends in14d 8h

We are seeking a design for our wedding invitations, to cover 2 sides of A5 paper. We are looking for a simplistic "info-graphic" style design.

We have attached colours which are our theme, so would like these used for the design.

Text as follows, (names, addresses etc should be editable)

Kieran and Nicole are getting married!

You are invited to join the celebrations.

The Ceremony 1pm St Phillips Church

The Road, The Town, The postcode.

Followed by a drinks reception.

The Party 3.30pm til 11.30pm

The Golf Course

The TownThe Post Code

Saturday 24th October 2015


RSVP to Kieran and Nicole 20 The Street, The Town, The Postcode


There is no parking at the church but parking is available in the surrounding roads but do check for restrictions. There is however plenty of parking at The golf course and cars can be left over night and collected at any time the following day.

Your presence is enough but if you would like to give something please donate on our behalf to either Demelza House or Wateraid.



ends in14d 8h

We need a logo for a brand 'Banana' that focuses in teaching kids aged 5-12 years old about 3D printing.  We teach kids and parents 3D printing industry knowledge and how to draw a simple object on a computer. Then, we print the 3D objects out for them to take home. 

1. Banana wit arms and legs (but still do summit one without arms and legs if you think it's better).
2. A cute Banana logo that is easy to be printed through a 3d printing machine. Would be nicer if you can provide a logo illustrator file as well as a .tsl file that we can print the logo 3D!

Key words relating to the logo:
1. Education
2. Cute
3. Kids
4. Easy to remember and recognize
5. Banana

ends in14d 8h

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