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We are a trash bin cleaning company. Looking for a logo that is a trash bin (in blue) with a cartoon octopus (in orange) gripping the trash can...

Logo Design
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image 15
image 14
image 10
image 11
40 Entries $295 Prize Closed

II Troops Bin Cleaning

Top designers

We are a newly established residential bin cleaner company. My spouse and I are military veterans who wishes to include camouflage in the concept. We would li...

Logo Package
image 10
image 14
image 18
16 Entries $595 Prize Closed

Tan & Tonic

We're opening a sunbed / tanning salon called Tan & Tonic so we need a logo designing. We want something modern, high end, and trendy looking. We want to...

Logo Design
image 795
image 944
image 855
image 599
image 183
image 140
image 124
image 174
image 109
1611 Entries $495 Prize Closed

We are a mobile trash bin cleaning service that can perform power washing services as well.

Logo Design
image 102
image 66
image 54
image 109
image 71
image 108
image 72
image 93
image 94
117 Entries $295 Prize Closed

We are a Taekwondo gym, We provide training and instruction in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. We would like to have a modern logo and a Fac...

Logo Design
image 335
image 330
image 324
image 22
image 23
image 8
image 11
image 12
image 47
315 Entries $495 Prize Closed

HEAL-R stands for Health Equity Advancing through Learning health systems Research. We are an academic collaborative focused on improving populat...

Logo Design
image 67
image 110
image 135
202 Entries $495 Prize Closed

Palos Dental Group

Top designers

We are a dental group. I am looking for a logo that I can use on my website and promotional items. Nothing too cartoon like.

Logo Design
image 12
image 139
image 175
238 Entries $350 Prize Closed

Alexi Interiors

Top designers

An interior designer logo

Logo Design
image 82
image 112
image 131
290 Entries $295 Prize Closed
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