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ends in14d 8h

I'm looking for a label design for my product called "Persevere".

It's a supplement for male improvement that helps relax the cavernous smooth muscle by boosting nitric oxide synthase allowing blood to flow. With signs of more frequent erections, increase in sex drive, boost male functionality, and enhanced male fertility.

The first image I attached is my logo.

2nd image is the kind of logo design I'm looking for with the coffee mug.

3rd image is the mock design that a friend made for me, as an example

4th image of the couple is the kind of feel and elegance I'm ultimately trying to achieve.

Attached is a document pertaining to the label details.

This will most likely be the size of the bottle: http://www.containerandpackaging.com/item/B661

Thank you,

Cameron W.

ends in14d 8h

Starting a children's t-shirt line. I want it to be southern. Sweet tea, cowboy boots, magnolias, horses, barns... etc. I want it to be girlie. Lip stick and high heels. My logo is a sea turtle with paisley prints, so, I would like to put paisleys in all my designs. Target market is ages 7-14, so not too childish.

ends in14d 8h

Colorful Facial Tissue Box 

Box Size: 245 x 120 x 90

The back of the Box is also noted.

ends in14d 8h

KidScholly is a non-profit charity that provides funds for kids to allow participation in extracurricular activities. 

Kids K-12 with financial need can apply for scholarships to sponsor their participation in sports, education, and the arts. Funds are earned by participation in volunteer work and community service. 

We have liked the tag line, Kid$cholly: Arts, Academics, and Athletics for ALL.

Now we want a logo that can go with the tag line that would be good for t-shirts, letterhead, business cards, etc. 


Arts, Academics, and Athletics for All

ends in14d 8h

Сделать фирменные футболки для школы прыжков в воду легендарного российского прыгуна, двукратного олимпийского чемпиона Дмитрия Саутина.

Были сделаны пробные варианты, на фото.
Вариант с бело-голубой компановкой цветов не подходит, так как у конкурентов похожие варианты. Остальные цветовые гаммы на ваш выбор.
Не должно быть много цветов, 2-3. Чтобы футболка вышла недорогой.
Хотелось бы увидеть варианты как с простым дизайном, так и посложнее.
Обязательно должен присутствовать логотип школы, есть на фото. Вот наш сайт:  http://www.sautindivingschool.ru/.
Была идея сделать зарисовку фото над городом в полете, с минимальным количеством цветов.
Другие варианты тоже интересны.
В каком-то виде должно быть понятно, что футболки используют имя Саутина, например полет над барселоной-это очень известная фотография в прыгунских кругах, если сделать ее зарисовку, то будет понятно, что это именно Саутин. Либо каким-то образом представить его фото, желательно в полете. В интернете много фотографии с ним.

ends in14d 8h

Hi Designers,

I need your help to redesign my website - herpesdatingsites.us, a website about reviews of online herpes dating websites. Some points as follows:

1. It is a small website and please design 6 static pages in total: homepage, editor review, customer reviews, contact us, about us, blog;
2. I love conciseness website like: http://www.gingersoftware.com/ or https://www.billingengine.com/
3. Main color is pink, and no side bars on homepage;
4. I need a WP based blog like http://www.gingersoftware.com/content/blog/, and you will need to change style of the WP theme similar as your design;
5. More competitors for you to know review website better:

ends in14d 8h

i'm writing my thesis and I'm looking for a logo that represents it. it will mainly be used on the front page of the dissertation but i want to use it in the future within powerpoint presentations and possibly for businesscards, as well as e-mail signatures.

i'm looking for a logo with a brain (as the topic is about neurology and the consequences on sales.) the picture should also include a titel (2 lines) as below mentioned. the first line should be kept bigger as the second line. as i would like to see what version of titels looks better i have two possible titels:

version 1
Neurological Sales Intuition
Cognitive Performance for greater Success

version 2
Sales Intuition
Cognitive Performance for greater Success

version 3:
Cognitive Brain Intuition
Performance for greater Success

the colors should be kept simple (black/white).
for more details please get in touch with me. i'm looking for great ideas. thank you!!!

ends in14d 8h

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