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    I enjoy the flexibility of working as a designer with DesignContest.com and competing in the many diverse and interesting contests offered. Helping contest holders find the perfect solution to meet their design needs are challenges I enjoy. The administration, support and designers are top-notch, and it's wonderful to be part of a design community that offers such a great service.

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    DesignContest.com has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
    I’m inspired!

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Hello, we have an Anti Hangover drink product that needs designer for its new containers. 

Would need a box and bag design to hold our single packet products. 

The attached is the box we have now for store counters.

We would also like a bag design for internet sales and wholesale. 

We would like something similar to the bag in the picture but in with the black and blue colors of course. 

The other picture is the product we have that will be inside the box and bag. 

Our logo is also attached. 

ends in14d 8h

Наша компания представляет программные продукты ООО "СТМ"javascript:nicTemp();, мы продаём и оказываем техническую поддержку клиентов. Нам нужна визитка которая будет запоминающаяся но не кричащая, современная и максимально информационная. Разработка логотипа и дизайна сайта компании "в поиске". 

ends in14d 8h

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ends in14d 8h
Brixton Vapes

Brixton Vapes Label

1. Project Overview: Design a label to be used on a 10ml plastic bottle used to contain eLiquids for use in eCigarettes. The label must be 60mm wide by 30mm high. The Label will need to include a logo which you will design for our company “Brixton Vapes”. It needs to be in Vector Format, and ultra-high PDF. We will also require all the master source files used to create the logo

2. Label Aesthetics: Our Company is called Brixton Vapes. Brixton is traditional associated with a multicultural mix of Caribbean, West Indian, African and Latin cultures. To this end we are trying to create a Reggae/Rastafarian vibe to the logo and label. Therefore the predominant colour themes should be red, yellow and green. We would also like to include a lion in the Logo, very similar to the one attached, however we want a lion that is unique to us so we can call it our own so we would like one drawn from new. With the text for the Brixton Vapes we want it to be in the style of graffiti, similar to those attached. The font we have used is Tagsxtreme and we really like it but feel the current text has too much going on so needs to be simplified a bit. Use the images for guidelines only, they are just to give an impression of the colours and feel we are trying to create. We have put a label together using these images to give an impression of what we are trying to create, and also to show the type of layout we want to create. Please bear in mind that the label is small, so any graphics can’t be too complicated as this will be lost when it is reduced.


3. Label Format: 

The Label needs to be 60mm x 30mm

It needs to have space for the text and icons outlined in the text section

It needs to have space for the Brixton Vapes Logo complete with Lion

It needs to have a blank spaced left for use when printing additional details to the label

4. Label Text

Needs to contain the following paragraphs of text in small print (use bold text where bold has been used below):

Warning: Do not use if seal is broken. Dispose of in a safe way to protect the environment. Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients 

Keep out of reach and sight of children

Warning. Toxic in contact with skin. Toxic if swallowed. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.

If swallowed: Rinse mouth, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately and show this label.

If on skin: wash with plenty of soap and water and immediately remove contaminated clothing

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol  50%, Vegetable Glycerine 50%, Purified Water, Nicotine, Flavourings

This product has been made in the UK using UK ingredients by Bowman Specialised Liquids (Warrington) Ltd. Unit 1 Asher Court, Lyncastle way, Barleycastle Estate, Appleton, WA4 4ST 

Tel: 01925213718

Shake well before use


It also needs:

  • Blank space left for the eliquid name
  • Blank space left for the eliquid strength
  • Blank space left for the eliquid batch number (along one of the lengths of the sides)

It also needs contain the internationally recognised symbols for the following:


Over 18

Hazardous to Environment

No Littering


The attached pictures are examples but please find your own symbols that are similar to each other in style and colour shade

ends in14d 8h

I need a logo for my website (neue.reise). "Neue Reise" is German for "new trip". The site will provide people with the lastest, cheapest travel offers from various partners. So "Neue Reise" is the brand name and the motto/slogan is "Neuste Reisen zu Kleinsten Preisen" (in English: "the newest trips for the lowest prices) so you can try to work that in somehow. No colour preference.

ends in14d 8h

Please include Company license info:

Mortgage Banker | Direct Lender
CA. Bureau of Real Estate License No.01482431
NMLS I.D. 135932

ends in14d 8h

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ends in14d 8h

We need a label (shrink sleeve) for an energy drink that will be in a 8.4oz can, there will be a version for men and women.

our logo is available on our website and also attached in .eps format.

The size of the label is 85mm layflat x 132mm cut length 

This product will compete in the market with Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar

ends in14d 8h

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