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  • PaintedPony


    Entries: 685 Wins: 18

    I enjoy the flexibility of working as a designer with and competing in the many diverse and interesting contests offered. Helping contest holders find the perfect solution to meet their design needs are challenges I enjoy. The administration, support and designers are top-notch, and it's wonderful to be part of a design community that offers such a great service.

  • lizonil


    Entries: 525 Wins: 38 has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
    I’m inspired!

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Prendas de deporte dedicadas a la caza. Necesitamos un conjunto de pantalón multibolsillos- chaleco caza (imprescindibles hombreras acolchadas, cartucheras y bolsillos grandes) chaqueta. Pueden dar un vistazo a nuestra página web Prendas a sustituir ref. 738 chaleco caza, ref. 644 pantalón caza y chaqueta ref. 201

ends in14d 8h

The name of the website and business will be LowerYourRent. The site is solely going to be launched in Denmark, aimed at people renting rooms in Denmark. The purpose of the website/business is to assist people with legal problems with their landlord; mainly with rent reductions. The focus is on people renting rooms rather than renting entire apartments. Our initial marketing focus would be foreigners (e.g. Exchange students) living in Denmark.

The logo must represent stability and trust. The main colour of the homepage is going to be a deep dark blue. 

Thus, the logo should represent stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence. The logo should not be a standard logo associated with law like a picture of justitia. Otherwise we are very open for ideas. The logo would be used both online and in print (flyers etc).

ends in14d 8h

Need a logo that establishes company identity.  Logo should include company name (no abbreviations at this point), and should immediately reinforce the notion that we serve the outdoor sports market - hunting, archery, shooting sports etc.

Our initial thoughts are that we would like to see a whitetail deer profile (stag, with large rack) in the design, along with some popular fowl (geese, turkey, ducks), possibly fish. Not interested in deer "skull" type designs - want to see these animals in their living state.  Use of a scope "sight" or target would be fine - possibly incorporated as the "O" in Outdoor?

Prefer to see the animal part of the logo - whether silhouette or simply an outline (think Browning logo) be a large part of the logo containing the company name

Corporate colors are not firm but please avoid red, yellow, and blue.  Leaning toward greens and browns.  Safety Orange may be used sparingly.  

Will need a logo and an inverse of it (for printing on dark backgrounds) as well as all popular file types for use in a variety of publication media.

ends in14d 8h

Please sketch/draw a realistic looking backpack design/concept.
It will be used for producing a real backpack.

Backpack has to be:
1. Mainly from black canvas
2. With Grey or Brown or Black Leather elements
3. With many silver metal details
4. Featuring RPG or MMO games theme, medieval rucksack look
5. Suitable to use as a schoolbag
6. Have a water bottle container
7. Have a way to hang cosplay sword or other cosplay weapon

Please make sure that there are many zippers, details, pockets and metal silver ornaments in your design.

Please show the view from the front, the back and the side. 
Include a wireframe sketch or a drawing how it will look when opened.

Here are example backpacks, all of which have a theme we are looking for, but none have ALL the requirements as above.

ends in14d 8h

A Polynesian style art work incorporated within a shield. The shield is meant to represent protection. Elements to include are waves, drops of water, spirals, wind. The words "Jiu-Jitsu Shield" incorporated within the shield or design. The design will be embroidered on the Jiu Jitsu Uniform and also used to print on a rash guard or shirt.

ends in14d 8h

We run a cage-free, open concept, dog daycare facility that also provides boarding, grooming and retail of premium products. Daycare would be the focus and target service we would like to market. We intend for these brochures to be placed at vets, pet shops, pet cafes and any pet related businesses. The flyer's front page should stand out colour wise, have a catchy phrase (optional) and contain our basic branding qualities with added complimentary touches from you, the designer. Kindly visit our website for a quick brief of our company

ends in14d 8h

Company name is OGK.
Please create a logo in black letters on white background, and also provide a preview how the logo will look when embedded on leather. 

1. OGK - logo in black font on white background
2. OGK - nice emblem embedding the above logo on leather (can have a shape around it to look like a seal, or have a square shape for attaching to products, or something like that)

ends in14d 8h

Website is
This is a local business directory of all businesses, no specific industry. Browse site to get an idea of what it offers.

The tag line is:  Flathead Valley Business Directory. The tag line does not need to be part of the design, but if you have a good idea to include it, try anything.

Existing logo is:

I am looking for a logo that is horizontally based, transparent and depicts northwest Montana as in this design that I created, see

The design must scale and be easily transferred for other uses.

Be creative, suggest anything you think will be a memorable design. Thank you.

ends in14d 8h

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