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With our APP, the user (mailny moms and dads of baby between 0 to 3 years) can create a nice and funny drawing of his/her baby starting from a picture of him/her. Then the user can share the composition he/she got in the social network or decide to buy it printed on different kind of products. When the user start to use the APP he will see different templates with the final result of the kind of drawing he could get so he could choose the one he likes more. You can see the kind of composition I'm talking  about in our website www.mybabyd.com.

Our main targets are moms with babies from 0 to 3 years old, then dads, grandparents and rest of the family. We are looking of an ICON that will attract people to click in it and have a look at the APP, so the main aim is that is has to be attractive. If we get it also clearly showing whats the APP about better, but if we have to loose good Icon image to show that we definitely prefer the image.
To resume whats about it should show and make user think to babies, photography and drawing.

Our brand values are originality (it's an original gift) and personalization as the creation with your baby will be unique and you can customise any kind of product where you can print an image and make a personalised gift for your family and friend.

The drawing we create are mainly black&white with baby picture in colors (see examples in the files attached) but we are using 3 main colors in the website:
- red: #9c182f
- yellow: #0071ce
- blue: #ff9f19

These colors are also used in the buttons in the APP, so you could choose if propose us a more "black&white" icon or colored with these colors.

We do not think showing pictures or text in the icon will work.

We are looking for an Icon that will give this feelings: minimalist, elegant, high quality service/product and related with the baby world.

ends in14d 8h

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Private contest

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We are looking to brand our system called the On Q Flow with a graphic to help identify/explain the stages of our process. The On Q Flow is a 4 stage business process for renting and managing homes.

On Q Property Management is a real estate Broker that manages homes in behalf of landlords/homeowners that do not have the time or knowledge for renting their home to tenants their own. We want to create a graphic design of the On Q Flow that will allow our clients (homeowners) to visually see the stage of their rental property.

Starts with a FREE Rental Consultation.

The On Q Flow

Stage 1: On Q Ready. (Free ready to rent estimate, maintenance, cleaning, pictures, marketing the home. inputing info into our system, Signs, Lock box, Marketing, ETC.)

Stage 2: Q Match. (Matching the tenant to the property.... Showing the home to prospective tenants, credit checks, background checks, rental history checks, Employement verification writing the lease, lease signing, Collecting move-in money and security deposits, ETC.)

Stage 3: On Q Care. (24/7 management of the property, collecting rent, paying City Rental Sales Tax, writing and sending legal notices as needed, maintenance and repairs, sending the homeowner their rent money directly into their bank account, evictions if needed, ETC.)

Stage 4: Move-Out Q. (Receiving the 30 day move-out notice from the tenant, Move-out Inspections, Collecting Keys, Security Deposit Disposition, ETC.)

After the move-out, we start the same process again to get another tenant in the property.

In the past we have used a large Q the tail of the q was the Free Rental Consultation. The stages went around the Q and then started over and over again.

ends in14d 8h

At BoardBird we are working to release a website built by boarders for boarders. As a part of this our minds have been spinning with all the great directions this could go and one of them is executing a product line for boarders. More specifically, we want to start with developing a graphic tee line that speaks to the kiteboarding community. This is where you come in, we have some great ideas and we need your help bringing our vision into a formal design we can go to production with. You will see two art concepts attached to use for direction. We will be looking for both of these designs eventually but to get a great version of one would be a great starting place. The first is of a horizon shot with the sun going into the water, with a kiteboarder silhouette out in the distance. The second is a W where the bottom fades into water ripples.

ends in14d 8h

We are a radio controlled race track, this logo should be as fun to design as it is too look at. It must look serious and professional like a real race way. However the difficulty comes in when we need want have a 'short course' (rc truck) in the logo. Our slogan is 'Fastest family fun in the north!'

Avoid planes, street cars, helicopters and other 'non-surface' RC's. We are primarily a dirt race track. Dirt, tire tracks, grunge mud, dimond plate, gears, screws, checkard flags, trophy cups, all should be the focus.

The logo must be immediately identifiable that the RC in the logo is in fact an RC. This is often done by using the buggy, since its synonymous with 'RC'. We wouldn't mind a logo with both the short course truck and the buggy, but like in the Sault RC logo, they managed to get the logo to show its an RC while still being short course.

A bonus would be able to make a 'simple version' to go good black/white/small stickers. A black and white version of the small logo as well. No slogan, but still must look good.

Have a full color & complex version (Slogan) for shirts and hats & website. Keep pure white, gunmetal grey, pure black back grounds in mind for shirts, hats and website.

The color theme would be best to match a website style like www.traxxas.com - but feel free to be creative, this is not nailed down and a creative alternative would be appreciated and noticed.

ends in14d 8h


We are looking for two separate infographics to be created based on the information below.

The first will be a fold out infographic (see example attached) that is printed as a hard copy. This will be a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch booklet that folds out into 3 panels, totalling 6 squares each (front and back). Each square will have one of the below 6 points on it and will fold into a Parallel Gate Fold. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

The second version of this infographic will be an online only document used on our website. The image should be no larger than 800 – 1000px wide height is unlimited but please keep it as small as possible.  (see attached documents as examples)

Please feel free to get creative using charts, graphs, and other images (related to the content) for each panel.

Colours to use in RGB:

  • Red: R 192, G 57, B 43
  • Dark blue: R 44, G 63, B 80
  • Light Blue: R 41, G 128, B 185
  • Teal: R 22, G 160, B 133
  • Green: R 155, G 187, B 89
  • Yellow: R243, G 156, B 18

I have attached the inforgraphic content in a Word document and also attached 2 examples of a printed infographic as well as one that could be used online only for your reference.

ends in14d 8h

Hi designers,

We need a logo and business card design for a new business called 'La Bomba Taqueria' which translates to 'The Bomb Taqueria'. If you guessed this is a food business that specializes in making the best tacos, then you are right.

We are looking for a design using 4 colors maximum, colors must be flat, no shading used, because the logo will be printed on vinyl for the storefront. 

I've attached an example of what I want, 
please be creative with the logo and play with the combinations of fonts and shapes.

ends in14d 8h