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    I enjoy the flexibility of working as a designer with DesignContest.com and competing in the many diverse and interesting contests offered. Helping contest holders find the perfect solution to meet their design needs are challenges I enjoy. The administration, support and designers are top-notch, and it's wonderful to be part of a design community that offers such a great service.

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    DesignContest.com has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
    I’m inspired!

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I need the label for a round whiskey bottle. 

Black line drawing of a pig.
Producido en Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

ends in14d 8h

We are looking for a trailer wrap for our portable donation station. Something that works with our logo and draws attention. Slogan would be a plus.

ends in14d 8h

Hi There:

this logo will be shown in our website,printed on T-shirt, business card and  the business car. This logo we will register as our trade mark. So this logo shall be unique, simple, easy to remember but very outstanding. our business is doing commercial cleaning and residential cleaning. please have a look our website to find out what services we provide, www.jasonscleaning.com.au. please note our website will be re-designed, so please don't bother to match your logo to our current website. This website is only for providing information of what services we provide.

we attached a picture(this picture shows you a boy carried a vacuum) that show you the concept of the logo we want, you can follow this idea/concept or totally change it, but this logo shall tell the customer that our business is cleaning business and we provide premium cleaning services. 

Again you can have a look our website(www.jasonscleaning.com.au) to get any idea of what services we provide but please DO NOT limit your logo design to current website, as current website will be REDESIGNED. 

Thanks for your help!

ends in14d 8h

Label design for a skincare product: An organic shea butter packed in round aluminium jars. 

-- One 2-layered peel-able label for the top of the lid (see sample photo attached);
-- plus one label to wrap around 3/4 of the jar;

Jar dimensions:

80 ml: workable diameter of lid= 6.0 cm;  label height for jar = 1.2 cm

200 ml: workable diameter of lid = 8.3 cm; label height for jar = 1.9 cm

Brand: nuts 'n' oils

Logo: as per artist's suggestion (consider a shea nut pouring oil into a pretty hand; or, any ideas welcome)

Label Information includes the following:

Brand: nuts 'n' oils

Overnight skin therapy: wake up more beautiful everyday

Prevent premature aging of skin

Nature's solution to very dry skin

Renews skin cells and reduces appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks

High in Vitamins A, E, F, K

Certified organic - Ecocert (include logo; see attachment)
Vol: 80 ml and 200 ml
Mfg by: Gurunanak Oil Mills (Uganda) Ltd
Mfg for: Fanaza Ltd, PO BOX 10274, Kampala, Uganda
space for bar code
(optional) space for QR code
Ingredient: Vitellaria nilotica (Northern Ugandan shea butter)

Product info:

100% Northern Ugandan shea butter; unrefined, Grade A, organic

Keep away from direct heat source as the product naturally melts easily

No scent is added or extracted; natural, nutty scent fades after about 30 minutes of application

No added preservatives or chemicals; use soon after opening; change in texture or scent is normal

Directions: apply to skin liberally. For additional beauty tips, including applying shea to hair, visit www.nutsnoils.com

Purchasing this product encourages a centuries-old tradition of shea trading by small landowners and helps conserve trees; many of these farmers have returned to their fields after 20 years in IDP camps during the LRA insurgency

(Competing brand: L'occitane, Body Shop)

ends in14d 8h

We are looking for a new logo as our old is getting out of time and is no good any more.

We are a Company, planing mill from Sweden wich is in the Wood industry , we plane the Wood to Construction studs and all types of profiled panel boards, refining the Wood Product for the customers need. Since we export big volumes to all Scandinavia and europe we Think that we need a Little bit more international logo,

looking for something Clean and more modern but in a classic way of logo. maybe Something that makes our logo uniqe and tells wich Company it refers and industry it refers to. maybe something with 3 pine trees,where one is ahead of the other two, where the tree in the front refers to us in the industry, like a Company in the front where the others are behind and the Company name under, in the logo?

this logo is used on letters,mails, invoices , but were you will find it most is on the plastic wrapping that comes on all packes of Wood that goes out of our yards and wich is the first that the customers will notice when it get to their yards or at Construction sites around in Scandinavia and europe.

I let you all give it a try and looking forward to get help from someone out there , to make us more modern and international.

ends in14d 8h

We need a stationary design package for an existing real estate brokerage in Chicago. We are looking for a modern, urban look and feel. We need the following pieces created business cards, follow-up note cards (4" x 6"), presentation folders, #10 envelope (4.125" x 9.5"), catalog envelope ( 9" x 12"), letterhead (8.5"x11"). I have included our current logo and color codes. There are also some images attached for the folder and note cards. These images should only be used in black and white, a grey-scale or cyan wash, not in full color. Who ever wins this contest will be our go to designer.  The business card should include the following details: 


The business card should be double sided.

We have multiple projects coming up asap, multipage brochure, additional folders, sell sheets etc. Thanks for looking.

ends in14d 8h
Private contest

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ends in14d 8h

Our 2016 conference theme is "Geared for Growth". This is for an automotive conference for service repair facilities to receive management and technical training.

This logo (along with our event logo) will be used on signage, registration brochures, shirt designs, and more.

The event name is VISION HiTech Training & Expo. "Geared for Growth" is the theme for the 2016 VISION event. It is not necessary to include the VISION logo in the theme logo design.

We are looking for a logo that incorporates the words "Geared for Growth" as well as gears. Logo does not need to include anything else automotive.

Colors: no more than 3 colors. Final design needs to look good in black/white as well as color.

ends in14d 8h

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