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    DesignContest.com has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
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Linetrack is a tablet application that captures data from beer distributor "line cleaners".  (These are the guys that clean the lines running from the keg of beer to the tap at a bar).  This web site is purely the online administration portion where users can run reports.  The color scheme, icons, and layout was clumsily put together in our proof of concept.  I just want to upgrade the theme of this page with new colors, icons and layout.  I'm not tied to any particular colors and don't need to go crazy with beer icons, but icons that match the function would be nice.  The current layout is attached.  Have fun!

ends in14d 8h

We are a leading edge coffee co. in Canada that is looking for a redesign on our packaging. Currently we print off stickers and apply them to our bags. Each bag requires 3 stickers. see examples on our website www.fireroastedcoffee.com. 

We would like to go with a new bag that has a paper look and urban graffiti style black only design the covers most of the bag but still allows us to put a description sticker on as we sell over 30 types of coffee.

We would part of the design to include instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. We have three sizes of bags in 1/2, 1, and 2 lb bags so the design will have to be modified for each bag size. 

Designs will have to be printer ready.

ends in14d 8h


We are building a new e-commerce platform in the electric cigarette and dry herb(tobacco and weed) industry.
We are an online retail store, that sell other brands.
We are looking for an amazing designer to take an existing design, upgrade it, and give it this extra sharp modern look.
What needs to be done?
1. HomePage - Please see attached http://unismoke_HomePage.jpg
2. Match the existing logo to the new design, give the logo a face lift.
2. Category page.
3. Product Page.

More details will be given separately on every page.

Sites for inspiration:

Thank you and best of luck.
http://www.unismoke.com LLC

ends in14d 8h


Looking for a logo to help build my restaurant concept. We will be serving southern food & bbq, have several beers on draft and an extensive bourbon & whiskey menu. The building will have brick, rustic wood and steel interiors with a modern touch.

ends in14d 8h

Bully Free Hawaii & Bully Free USA
Bully Free Hawaii & USA is launching the annual campaign to encourage people to stand up to bullies.  Our motto is H.O.P.E (Helping Others thru Prevention & Empowerment)  The logo for t-shirts & posters will be used for this year's May 2015 annual event declared by the United Nations as Anti-Bullying Day (a.k.a. Pink Shirt day) 

ends in14d 8h
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ends in14d 8h

Web design needed for my company that will currently sells pharmacy educational apps (for students looking to become pharmacy technicians or Pharmacists). The name of the brand/company/website is "Pharmassentials" (http://pharmassentials.com)

Pharmassentials currently has 3 apps (Currently in development) for the following exams:

Pharmacy Technician Certication Board- "PTCB ESSENTIALS"
North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination- "NAPLEX ESSENTIALS"
Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination- "MPJE Essentials"

Each app has the same functionality but different color schemes... The apps will allow user to study common pharmacy related "sig codes", brand/generic drug names via flash cards as well as quizzes and exams that will allow users to study with multiple choice questions similar to what is on the associated state exam (PTCB, NAPLEX, or MPJE).

Eventually I will offer other educational products so the design should not be limited to apps.

I would like the design to be similar to the colors/design scheme of the apps. Vibrant colors. Please see attached images.

The website will have to have the following pages:


I am familiar with editing the backend of word press websites, so I would like word press to be used as the CMS so I can add/edit pages etc. on my own.

I'm aware that there are a lot of Word Press templates that can be used for this purpose (app launches etc), and I'm fine with that as long as the graphics and theme is unique and eye catching. I own several templates from http://themeforest.com (bridge, x theme, udesign) and can transfer these files once I choose the designer... Or you can create  the psd from scratch and I can get it coded.

I attached the psd of the logo which should be used for the website (color can be changed to match theme) OR you can use the font "PR8 Charade" as an alternative which can be downloaded for free on http://dafont.com

I also attached 2 images of a flyer (image 4 & 5) I received that I liked the colors (neon green, purple, fuchsia) and can be used for the website... But I am open to color suggestions.

Pharmacy Technicians
Educational Products
Multiple Choice Tests
Flash Cards

Websites I like:

Good luck and thank you for your participation!

ends in14d 8h

We have started a new business that prints point of sale posters and boards for the retail businesses. The name Corflute Kings requires to be a bit more playfull and a Crown on the work Corflute or something not expensive looking crown and more of a clipart not a illustration or photo if that make sense. We would maybe a character at some point as our mascot so keep that in mind we are open to a mascot leaning up against the words - like a cheeky "King" - as for colours have no preference - A Mascot is not critical just an idea but definitely a crown.

ends in14d 8h