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    I enjoy the flexibility of working as a designer with DesignContest.com and competing in the many diverse and interesting contests offered. Helping contest holders find the perfect solution to meet their design needs are challenges I enjoy. The administration, support and designers are top-notch, and it's wonderful to be part of a design community that offers such a great service.

  • lizonil


    Entries: 525 Wins: 38

    DesignContest.com has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and their guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.
    I’m inspired!

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ends in14d 8h

Looking for an amazing art design for the packaging of an iPhone MFI Battery Case.

The level of quality in design needs to be top notch, this product will compete with Mophie, Mycharge and other world renown brands.

Fill free to ask any questions.

Before you start your design, please take a good look at the attachments as there are very strict guidelines for this design which will go to Apple for approval.

I am also attaching a design of an already approved design so that you can have an idea of the scope of the work

ends in14d 8h

Looking for a new trade show display.  We are a heating manufacturer that build low pressure steam systems.

Looking for a clean, modern and simple background.  The side graphic sits proud from the main graphic on the right side with a LED light strip behind it.

Main Graphic : Width: 120 " Height: 96 "

Side Graphic : Width 30 " Height: 96 "

Two side graphics need to be created as we attend more then one type of trade show.

Side graphic 1: Needs to state : Aggregates, Pre-Cast, Kiln Curing, Block Plants, Water.

Side graphic 2: Needs to state: Wheat Heating, Air Make Up Systems.

Front Graphic :  Width " 71.62 Height: 36.21"

The front graphic only has a viewing area of 57.50" x 36.21"

The company name and logo should be present on the front graphic.

I provided the Steam Engineering name and Logo, Change the colors in the logo and name if you wish nothing is in stone.

Check out our Website for more information:


ends in14d 8h

Up for a new challenge?  I have 2 companies:  Kim H Consulting and Get to the Point. I just had a logo designed by Design Contest (love it!).  I've designed my websites in Weebly (still a work in progress).  www.getothepoint.com and www.KimHConsulting.com.  

I am looking for a landing page that will work as a landing page for both sites from which the viewer can  click on the business they want.  Get to the Point is my site for my training business (mainly management training) and Kim H Consulting is my site for financial management for school food service.  Clients for Get to the Point are mainly state agencies and school district directors. Clients for Kim H Consulting are mainly school district treasurers and business managers.  Check out my websites for more info.

I was thinking of a split landing page with one side for Get to the Point and the other side for Kim H Consulting.  Not sure if the split should be horizontal or diagonal.  I want to put my new logo in the middle.   Can you help?

I have downloaded the final zip files from my logo contest.

Thanks!  Kim

ends in14d 8h


We need a character set for our new game for children. This project is for one character of this character set.

The game is in 2D and about circus animals who do tricks after receiving food. Its important to know that the design will be used for animation purposes so the delivery of this project needs to be accordingly.

For this contest we need:

- An elephant
- Circus animal like
- The elephant needs to have a Michael Jackson look (eye candy). This means that the character should have the characteristics of Michael Jackson but it cannot be too obvious. you can see its Michael Jackson if you look closely but not everyone would notice straight right from the start.
- 2D
- Suitable for children age 2-5
- Ready for animation

ends in14d 8h

Looking for a logo  that creatively combines the imagery of a shockwave pattern with a CO2 molecule (see picture ideas attached). Logo needs to have the words "Shockwave CO2" (our company's name) in it.  We want a creative, techy, but professional looking logo. Open to different color schemes and styles, although like the idea of stainless steel (metallic coloring) as that is what we build our technology with with something that pops for the CO2 part.  

Shockwave CO2 is a technology that turns a food factory's smoke/exhaust emissions into food-grade CO2  gas that they need to make beer, soda and other stuff. Food companies that have boilers and need CO2 for their operations can reduce their carbon emissions (go green!) and cut their CO2 costs by recycling  their own smoke. 

Please see the sample imagery attached of the shockwave pattern and CO2 molecule idea that we want to combine into our logo. 

ends in14d 8h

I need a user based leader board... 

The home page should look something like this... 


More Specifics 

Users need the ability to register and de-register given numbers, which would give them points based on how much its worth 

Example Numbers                                Example Points 

151002000 ----------------------------------- 2k points 

151003000 ----------------------------------- 3k points

151004000 ----------------------------------- 4k points 

151005000 ----------------------------------- 5k points 

151006000 ----------------------------------- 6k points 


Once a user registers a given number, other users can not register that number into their account. 

Website Admin(s) need the ability to create "example numbers" and change how many points they are worth.  

The more points a user has the higher on the leader board they would be. 

Finally under each users name on the leader board, there should be a space for that user to place an URL of their choosing ( twitter, facebook, blog, etc )  

ends in14d 8h

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ends in14d 8h

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