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Winning design #78 by lotusbloom, Application Icon Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lotusbloom

Project description

We need 2 variants of an Application Icon for TopShare, a desktop Windows program for Australian share investors. It helps them with record keeping and tax-related information. Our customers are generally mature (30 - 70) and predominantly male (3:1).

We are about to release a major upgrade, and so we want to build on the recognition that exists for our current icon - see here:

The new icon should retain the "T$" motif, but should have an olive-green theme. It should have a more modern, flat look. Perhaps the background zigzag (intended to be reminiscent of a share chart) could be a little more prominent. Don't be restricted by the current round shape - we'd also be interested in a square look.

The two variants need to be clearly related, but clearly different. They will be for:

1. The main application icon (launcher) for the Topshare program itself. This will be the new version of the icon shown.
2. An application icon for the Topshare Administrator, a separate configuration utility. We have in mind something like the first icon, but with an overlay in say the top right corner, representing an Administrator or Supervisor, or maybe the Windows "Configuration" icon.

**REVISED: Each variant is to be delivered in ICO format, with 8 images of pixel dimension / colour depth as follows: In 32 bit colour: 256x256, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16. In 24 bit colour: 256x256, 48x48, 32x32. In 8 bit colour: 16x16. So we want two ICO files, each with 8 images.

(original brief was as follows:
Each variant is to be delivered in ICO format, at 16, 32, 48 and 256 pixel dimensions, in 8 and 32 bit colour (ie, we want two ICO files, each with 8 images)

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  • I will immediately improve, if there are revision. Thanks #97
  • I will immediately improve, if there are revision. Thanks #96
  • I will immediately improve, if there are revision. Thanks #95
  • Simple is best. #92
  • I try on mobile phone . #83
  • Topshare . . Modern design #82
  • Please feedback me #79
  • This is my revision to my previous design with a pale green background. Would this be good or should the green be paler? :) Hoping for your feedback! :D #78
  • Please feedback me. #75
  • my newest design sir, please your feedback
    thank you #73
  • I tried to change the colors and add shadow. Please let me know what you want adjusted. I hope you like it! :) #69
  • I added an outline for the shape in this design. It could also be done in the other designs I uploaded (circle, square) if you want. The line that divides the $ sign in the middle can also be removed or the zigzag behind it can be also be modified. Let me know what you think, thanks! :) #10
    • @lotusbloom Thanks, please see my note about the colour, and the extra image in the brief for reference. The overlay for the Administrator needs to be in a contrasting colour.

    • @chris26 Thank you for your response and feedback! I have uploaded several new entries, please check #58 up to #65 since I tried variations with the logo as well as with or without shadow under "T$" sign.

  • I also attempted to place the circle within the bounds of the rounded rectangle. :) #65
  • I applied a gradient to the administrator icon to give it more dimension. I highly recommend this among all my other entries. Any modifications to the design are always welcome, just leave a comment. :) #64
  • Clean and simple version of the variation of logos I have been uploading. :) #63
  • In this design, I removed the person from the admin icon. I will also upload another entry without the shadow under "T$" just in case you prefer that instead. :) Thanks! #62
  • Different admin logo with no shadow under "T$". I hope you like it. I will also be uploading admin logo where the person in the icon is not seen. :) #61
  • Here I used a different admin logo, with shadow under "T$" #60
  • This version has no more shadow under "T$". Let me know which one you prefer. I will also upload some entries with different upper right logo for Topshare Administrator. :) #59
  • I updated the color of the logo according to the uploaded reference as well as changed the admin logo to be more red. I will also upload the version without the shadow under "T$" and then other versions of the admin logo. I hope you like it, let me know what else I can change. :) #58