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The experience was very encouraging, I have to admit at first I was a little worried having not received enough designs after the first two days. But on the 3rd day the designs started flowing and the quality of the designers where really good. The platform also made it very efficient for me to manage the entries, rate them and communicate with the designers. I will definitely be using this site again for my future design needs.

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Winning design #42 by FonDrakes, Application Icon Design for Travel Vault: Your Ultimate Travel Assistant Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FonDrakes

Project description

The application provides a wide range of functionality to the help improve your travel experience. Some of the features include Packing, Shopping Lists, Task Lists, Expense Manager, Locations Directory and Travel Logistics.

I am mainly interested in colors around grey and orange.

Travel Vault is an iOS Application that will be developed on iPad and iPhone

The Icon could include stuff related to travel like Globe, SuiteCase, Plane, Plane Wing or any other related travel items. It can also include a Vault or something related to a vault. These are just ideas, if you have something that is completely different that by all means please suggest it. I am completely open to ideas.

The following dropbox link contains some vector files of images that I feel might provide some good options feel free to use them (PS I already own the right to use those files)

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  • ndz
    check my profile please #53
  • Hello omarsultan,
    I made a new design. Hand baggage is also a padlock, which means transport safety. #50
  • Hello omarsultan,
    I made a modern version that can easily recognizable.
    If you still have any recommendations, I 'm at your disposal.
    Regards! #47
  • Hello omarsultan,
    I made a new design proposal. I inserted the font in hand luggage format, to be completely compact. Best Regards! #44
  • Hey,

    Was wondering if you will be able to send me the logo with colors similar to that of 19 I'm hoping to close the competition today :)

    Thanks #8
  • can you send me the vector files?
  • Hello omarsultan ,
    I made some improvements. In letter r (simplified). I used the same letter V in the word "travel". Everything is compact. Hand baggage is more clearly. Airplane wings are longer. Regards! #38
    • @ursachio Thank you so much, I love the new design :)

  • Thanks for your efforts, but this is not the direction I had in mind for my design., I am looking for a flat simplistic design to work on iOS. Thanks #33
  • thought you might want this color of orange instead. #31
  • Hi, I remove the gradient part here to look more flat... and change the color of gray to dark gray. i really don't know what's the color of the logo in #16. I cannot see it because it's eliminated. I would really appreciate some comment. Thank you. #28
    • @rpunsL thanks a lot for the updates, Inhabe elimenated all other options and we are now choosing between your logo and 2 others. Thank you so much

    • @omarsultan Thank you so much, i really do appreciate it. :)

  • I love it , I really do :) :)

    I think for the small icon, I would go for a smaller version with the same colors of the big one. I like Flat and simple designs like the larger one without the gradients and shadows.

    Also I have a small comment, can we try an alternate version that uses the knob of a volt instead of one of the a's or the u in travel, I'm not sure if this would look nice, so maybe we can try it in a different version.

    But other than that, this is by far the best design I've had #8
    • About #8, @omarsultan
      I am glad that you liked my design. I hope it will bring me victory :)
      Tell me more about the "knob of a volt", then I can do something else that you like more. And check #10

    • @FonDrakes So far it's the best design :) :) Regarding the "knob of a volt" check these two files of vaults, what I am referring to is the knob that is used to open the vault, I'm not sure how that can be integrated into your design, maybe replace the U or the A. Have a look at it, if you can't fit it in the design then no worries. #9 is the best for me so far :D

    • @omarsultan hey can I ask you one last thing, so far your logo is my number 1 choice. I was just wondering if you can create a similar version with the colors in number 16. Thanks

    • @FonDrakes hey can I ask you one last thing, so far your logo is my number 1 choice. I was just wondering if you can create a similar version with the colors in number 16. Thanks

    • @FonDrakes its number 19 not 16 sorry

  • Here's another color option for the logo i made. #29
  • Thanks for your efforts, I think I like your original design better #8 #24
  • Hello again,
    Thanks for appreciation. I made a version that is compact. Best Regards! #20
  • I love it :) it's brilliant #19
  • Hello omarsultan,
    Thank youfor rate. I made a symbol included in a carry-on bag .
    I saw that you have a preference, but I said to exhaust all options. Thank you for feedback.
    Regards! #19
  • Hello thanks a lot for the design, is it possible to turn it into a flat design without the gradients and the edges. and if you can use colors similar to that of design number 16 that would be great.

    Thanks #18
  • Thank you for your efforts :) #17
  • Thank you for feedback!
    Any recommendation is welcome. Regards! #16
    • @ursachio Thanks a lot for the designs I am choosing this one over your other designs. Thank you so much for your efforts

  • Thank you for feedback!
    Any recommendation is welcome. Regards! #15