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Fantastic work on this project! I am very satisfied with the overall work on this project. I am considering doing some more work with you in the future. Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab

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Winning design #59 by hongxia, Banner Design for 3 Buttons for Real Estate Website Contest
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designed by hongxia

Project description

Looking to recreate 3 buttons for my website: http://www.mississaugacondolife.com/ The 3 buttons are on the bottom of the homepage and are currently labeled as: -Meet Andrew -Square One Condo Tours -List My Condo Now The look I am going for is exactly the same like the 3 buttons in the right margin on the website: http://www.roneppinger.com/s/midtownwynwood/ and the new buttons will have the text: -Square One Condo Videos (Should included some sort of cam-corder icon within the button, and include the "VIEW VIDEOS" mini button inside of it.) -Search Square One Condos Here (with the "VIEW LISTINGS" mini button inside of it.) -Meet Andrew (Using image at http://www.officialpsds.com/Man-In-Chair-Silhouette-PSD9845.html) The colours should be exactly like the ones at the sample site I gave at the top: http://www.roneppinger.com/s/midtownwynwood/ Thank you for your entries, and I look forward to the finished product. Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab

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  • Hi CH, Hope you like #13. I would like to hear your valuable suggestions.. thanks.
  • Contest Holder, If you have time please give feedback on my submissions #5,#6,#8,#9,#10,#11. I wasn't 100% clear if you wanted the buttons large or small so did both, but if you would like any revisions please let me know. Thank you! (Please dismiss #7, it is the same as #9 but uploaded too small.)
  • I was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga too! Anyway, I hope I understood the brief correctly with #20.
  • Thank you very much for the feedback with my initial design #3 CH, and here are my revised entries from the feedback you created. Entries #35, #36 and #37. i tried the one you suggested to use a hi-res image for the second button however the button is so small to view the image inside to appreciate much the image. i tried as well the other option you provided and for my opinion it would be more professional to have the #36 entry.. and one thing the detailed camcorder you wanted it is just a vector like silhouette type of image or you want a complex one with more colors right now i just added a simple detailed image for camcorder but used the green color as well as suggested. i will just adjust the spacing of text wasnt able to adjust them well.. but it will be more likely the same what we have right now on the new entries. thank you very much -Pavian
  • about: #32 & #33 hey ch! just posted my entries. hope u enjoy! any feedback positive or negative will be greatly appreciated best regards!
  • What do you think about #2? Want any changes in those? Thank you
  • Also, maybe you use a nice High Quality picture of the interior of a condo inside button # 2 in place of the map :)
  • Thank you for your submission. I very much like the look of the first 2 buttons! Here are the changes I would like to see: -use the vibrant orange in the (VIEW VIDEOS) and (VIEW LISTINGS) interior-mini buttons. Include a vibrant white boarder, with shading effect, and try to give it that VECTOR style look where it pops out at the user. -Also, looking for a more detailed image for the (Camcorder), and use a 3D map graphic like in design # 23 and # 20. -include the HD green like in design # 13. -Also, the headline for the 2nd button should be (SEARCH SQUARE ONE CONDOS HERE) -For the last button, I don't like the layout of the words (MEET ANDREW), and The shadowing, and colour choices don't seem to work to well....maybe you can redue this button.....# 30's looks pretty good. Overall, this is the constructive criticism that I would give. Great initial design! Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • Hi Please check #25 and #26. One is the buttons other the mockup on your site. It's Photshop.. They match the exact colour and feel of the example you sugested, as well as the icons and text you wanted. Plase have feedback. Cheers Andrei
  • hi, hope your valuable suggestions about my second submission #24 Thanks..
  • Hi hongxia, I awarded the project to you. You work is great, and you have been very responsive with the comments I have been making. Thank you :) There are minor tweek's I am looking for with the selected design. Would you be able to touch these things up before I Download Source Files? Thank you in advance. Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • Dear Andrew, Thank you very much for choosing my design. Yes, of course. I would love to make the changes for you. (I can't add new comments here, only can edit the old ones.) Please let me know what you need to change. Thanks, Hongxia
  • Dear CH, sorry I am too late to see the message. Will revise for you later.
  • Hi, what do you think about #52, i changed the design as i read through the comments. Thank you
  • I think your design here looks great! Could you the photo on the page to replace the graphic in button 2, incorporating this photo above the VIEW LISTINGS mini button? Also please a font and style like in design # 39 but center it like you have here. Also for the (MEET ANDREW) button, can you reduce the size of the (Meet Andrew) part, and add the small orange button underneath it saying, (CLICK HERE). Thank you for your great work :) Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • any feedback on entries #32 & #33? besides asking pavian to use some of the elements i used... or have u already decided to give the job to pavian..thanks 4 ur time. best regards
  • Hello HC, I just submitted #52, made the changes I read going through the comments. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • One Last thing I forgot to mention. For button number 2 where you used the interior photo of a condo. Could you use the one I have posted for you at the following link: http://www.mississaugacondolife.com/b/blog/photo-for-view-listings-mini-button.html I think this one would look great for this button :):):) Andrew
  • Hi there, I very much like your work. Would you mind doing another submission after reading some of the feedback on the message board. I think you have a creative eye, and might put something nice together here. Thank you for your submission :) Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab
  • HI Pavian. I Like the design of this version of your entries. The button within the main buttons where it says "View Videos" and "View Listings." I would like them to pop out more, giving that 3D effect. Could you create some king of Vector style effect for this. For the first button, can you use the green television like in design # 33. I love the green in the television screen as well. Also, Can you use another version of a vibrant blue on the (MEET ANDREW) button instead of grey to keep the colours consistent. Also, add some shadowing under the chair to make the character pop out a little but more. Please make this character in the chair smaller, and insert the orange button under him saying (CLICK HERE). Lastly, with regards to the fonts, and spacing. Can you line up the words in the second button. For some reason they don't seem centred properly even though they are. And please play with the fonts on the (MEET ANDREW) button,,...they don't seem to work well the way the are currently...and then please center them. Thank you very much for your submission, excellent work! Warm Regards, Andrew/Ab