6-Figure Moms Telesummit Banner

Having so many concepts to choose from was FABULOUS because I think I can 'take the cake' for the world's most nit-picky design customer. The designers were wonderful to work with and very responsive. My winning designer Aandrei_24 was a gem and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with him. I would HIGHLY recommend DesignContest.com!


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Winning design #115 by basicstyle, Banner Design for 6-Figure Moms Telesummit Banner Contest
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designed by basicstyle

Project description

Horizontal Website Banner for sales page (not sure what size?) This will be a banner for a telesummit: ***Here's the copy**** Title: The 6-Figure Mom Movement Subtitle: Virtual Mentoring Experience Tagline: Insider Secrets of Entrepreneurial Women Choosing to Have It All" **THE LOOK** The design needs to look and feel 'sassy upscale' - I want something modern and luxurious, but still chic. Fun (like the liberated entrepreneur who has escaped corporate) but NOT too playful.

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  • Hello, Please have a look at #33 and let me know if something could still be improved or if you are happy with it. Thanks
  • Hi Marcie,thanks very much for the feedback on #21, I've entered #29 with the revisions, thanks again!
  • Hi #27 and #28 are revisions for your review - with sans serif for 6 Figure. Each one is a different color scheme. Thanks!
  • Hi there, Just FYI I'm eliminating designs along the way as the project evolves and I'm realizing more of what I'm looking for - though I'm appreciating everyone's work - thank you!! I like the title font/layout here - I like the sexy woman looking just from the side in your other design (the design #19 gal). I'm looking for a not-yet-used color scheme with contrasting colors and some chic black elements. Sorry I'm being so difficult - I'm really trying!
  • Hi, I like it when the woman is off to one side. I like the stacking/sizing layout of the title. The tagline is hard to read though.
  • Hi, I liked it better with 6-figure mom in sans serif. The "movement" in this design is reminding me of an athletic shoe ad versus creating a societal shift or taking a powerful stand for feminine power. I like the fonts used in design #21, though the current fonts here could work if they were reversed. Could we try something with "virtual" being in a different font than mentoring experience? I want to portray that it's a mentoring experience, done virtually - vs a "virtual mentoring" (as in not really mentoring) experience.
  • Hi, thanks for joining the contest! I really like the fonts you used. I like how "The Mom Movement" is what stands out because the intention behind this is about creating a shift and movement among career working women. The gal in the picture isn't quite where I want her to be in terms of look. I want a woman who appears to be in her early 40s, is super-stylish and sexy, but also looks really smart/biz-savvy...if that makes sense?! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the colors, it was refreshing to see some new options and I like the combo, but not quite for this banner. Other thoughts? (does not have to be pink/purple!) Not into the stars or the circle (but at the same time I really like how 6-figure is set-apart visually). I like the color block on he bottom and what you did for virtual mentoring experience.
  • I really like this woman! Not really into too much else about this design though, sorry!
  • hI : ) #24 has more of a hand written type of font. Do you prefer this over thin sans serif? It also has a cranberry/gray color scheme. I will also submit another version with a different color scheme. Thanks!
  • Hello Marcie, great contest! I've just entered #21 & #22, wondering what you think of them, thanks!
  • Hi #18 is 12 in magenta like colors as you requested. #19 and #20 are away from pink/purple and I think they look precious and chic... Do you want modification on 16? If you want me to play around with color or combine font and picture of my entries just ask Cheers
  • Actually, can we try "6-figure mom" not in all caps?
  • Hi, I kind of like the banner outline. I like the sans serif font you used. The woman is great, not quiiite it though. I like the idea of a well-dressed woman doing something fun - as in, "hard work CAN be fun!" I like the power pose of the woman in your red designs.
  • I really like the color block for the tagline and it's easy to read being in a sans serif font. As far as the other fonts go, I like them, but I don't love them (the 6-figure mom movement fonts). I like the contrast of the 2 types of fonts, for sure - and I think that the "6-figure mom" font I would like more with a different handwritten. I think for the handwritten I want something that's sexy and luxurious...if that's possible?! The intention of this event is that it's a "movement" like a huge shift in the way we know working women...they're choosing to become rockstar entrepreneurs while being rockstar moms. So I guess if we could portray that with the design of the title? I'd also be curious to see this in a different color scheme option (the pink I selected looks too Barbie-ish, but maybe that's because it's paired with the purple?
  • Are the fonts in #8 more of what you were envisioning?
  • I like this layout.
  • Hi, thank you so much for joining the contest! The fonts aren't quite what I'm going for- I'd like to see a new concept in color scheme if you're up for the challenge.
  • Thanks- I like this woman a lot. The fonts are hard to read with the white outline. I think I'm moving away from the pick/purple combo (it looks a little too playful).
  • Thanks - I like the fonts here. The tagline is a bit tough to read because of the colors. I like the red, can I see this design in a magenta type color?
  • Getting closer! I like the little twinkle on the M ;-)