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Winning design #7 by fireandink, Banner Design for Artificial Grass online seller needs homepage banner Contest
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designed by fireandink

Project description

The banners should have size 782x314, also we can use vertical banners with width 186pixels and should be incorporated in the template you see on Please note that the original domainname will be (on which is our current site visible), so dont use "beyondconcept" in any way. On you see current banners with some texts. Please dont use the logo from the website, as we are gonna the change the logo. (another contest that should be)

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  • i like this base banner (currently on you could only show me how to incorporate the artificial grass theme in this banner, with some texts as others have done in the competition.
  • Not bad... dont know what to say...maybe can just make it nicer!
  • The "decograss" should be removed, as it doesnt coincide with our logo, as the banner will be used on, also its not necasery.
  • Dear CH, I just submitted this design and I hope you like it. The quality is not the best because I had to make it smaller so I could upload it. But if you choose my design, I will send you the original one with better quality and the right dimensions. Keep in mind that you can change the text later. Thanks!
  • You can set image and edit text.
  • Apart from graphically not ok, the banner will be posted on, only the template on decograss will be changed to the template you see on Text on the banners, can be part, or all of the text you see on the banners currently on , or any some text (also in english), that we can change ourselves later.
  • Submit a sample work.
  • its not bad....only the images with the guy putting grass seems install of REAL grass, not artificial grass...artificial grass usually comes (at leatt in our case) in rolls of 2meters looks to me like real grass... but the setup of the banner is not bad in general
  • Hey, just posted this updated version of the previous banner.
  • hi CH, I try to do a drastic change in design. Please give feedback so I can understand your desire. Thanks.
  • Hihi, I´m new.. I just posted #17 - #18 and #19 (3 different versions - I think #19 is the best of the three of them) Look forward to hear from you :)
  • #15 , #16 Update
  • Hello fireandink, you won the contest. When can you send me the high quality file? Also (a part from the editable file), please send me also a jpg that I could use directly on the website... As im not so handy...might ask you to still make minor changes, though seems everything ok if there are no type errors in the writings.. (im not spanish...but i think its correct already) Is there a way to write with you directly? I cannot find any contact details.