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I received several great designs from which to choose. Kunvar was a complete professional right from the start, made modifications as requested, and made some fantastic creations! He gets my highest recommendation!

$195 paid

27 custom designs

7pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #24 by Kunvar_Aishwary, Banner Design for Author Jason Parent Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kunvar_Aishwary

Project description

I am an author of horror, thrillers, and science fiction. I suck at this stuff. My novels and novellas, in order of release are: What Hides Within, Seeing Evil, Unseemly, Where Wolves Run, Wrathbone and Other Stories. People of the Sun is not out yet. You can find quotes praising my work at each books Amazon page (focusing on WHW, Seeing Evil and Wrathbone), e.g., Other than the book covers, my name, my links (below), I am not sure what else should be on the manner to make it more interesting. Here are my links:

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  • with little enhancements from previous design, plus focusing more about the new book & other 2 ones #26
  • Thanks! @jasonpparent please tell me if any changes.Thank you!
  • Okay, I am ready to pick this one as the winner if you can make the facebook and twitter links right. Or is the way they are supposed to be referenced? (@authorjasparent, #15
    • Hello @jasonpparent! You may please check #24 and please let me know if everything is fine or if you need any change in it... Thanks!

  • This is really good, but you left out my upcoming novel #19
    • Hi Jason, Thank you for your rate. where I can get image of upcoming novel?

  • This has a lot of eye-catching qualities to it that the others don't - vibrant colors. Not to keen on the image, but I do like the style and colors. #16
  • The font is a little soft for horror #16
  • Hope u like it ;) #17
  • About #15, @jasonpparent you may please check #14 and #15... with quotes, bad apples grouped together...
    • @Kunvar_Aishwary Unless someone comes in with something that absolutely blows me away, this one (#15) will likely be the winner. I really appreciate your good work and in the future, will likely seek you out for as a designer here (so maybe keep the one I don't choose handy!) Impressive work, sir.

    • @jasonpparent Thank you! :)

  • About #8, @Kunvar_Aishwary Would adding some quotes/praise of my work add too much clutter? I'm thinking it might, but... curious
  • Maybe slightly overlap all three Bad Apples? #9
  • Update. More punch. #11
  • ......................................................
  • About #6, @Meow This is good, and probably would be perfect for bookmarks, if it had an eye-catching image on the other side. It has all the right elements, but just lacks that extra punch
  • "afluid" should be "a fluid"; "rightalongside" should be "right alongside" #6
  • Here is a new design. Please use Full Size View. #6
  • This is not a bad background image or style. #3
  • Hi Sir ?? are your there ??
    I can make your story book banner more attractive and stylish .. I just want to know that what exactly you want in your story book banner ??
    • @Waqas021093 Hi Waqas - I am not looking for a banner that highlights or changes one cover. I would like a banner that incorporates all my covers as is, my name, and my links

  • It isn't clear what you need. Is it a Facebook cover? Book signing banner? :>
    • @Meow Yes, I am looking for a banner (2' by 5') that displays my covers, my name, and my links to my sites.

  • Okay Sir .. Thank you. I will send it to you in a while .. I hope you will like it

  • For sure: my cover images, my name, my links. Maybe some quotes about my work, if that doesn't add too much clutter. or a statement of what I write, E.g., "Author of horror, science fiction, and thrilers