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designed by diegomey

Project description

Hello, My company is looking for a background image today for our website. This site is a work in progress and not completed yet. you can see it at www dot vengeanceracing dot net. The concept needs to be similar to the background image ( the image on the sides ) of prolineracing dot net Obviously, we do not want to rip off their well thought out concept, so we are looking for an original idea related to muscle car drag racing. Our company converts cars like Z06 corvettes, and 5th generation camaro's to drag cars or very fast street cars. We were considering using a car on each side for the background ( z06 corvette and 5th generation camaro ), or a drag strip without the starting lights. Please give this your best shot, thanks!

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  • I like where this is going, but I'd like to see the background image only on the sides and not in the main content area. Maybe you can split the car in half? Or put a z06 and a camaro 5th generation on each side?
  • Hi CH, Thank you for rating to my design! Will try to think of another design similar to that direction until maybe you find it good already. Feel free to comment for the elements that you did not like. Thank you! Regards, MARKitTHINK
  • Dear CH, Submitted my entries #9 and #10. Description: The project described is a background so I toned down the transparency of the background car images so that It would be enough to please the eyes and not eat so much of the viewers' attention (Since you would want your viewers to look into the content of the site more than they would just stare at the background image). The layout is like z06 facing camaro which gives a sexy and daring look for the cars as sometime like, c'mon, let's fight this two fella cars and see who's the strongest.. For the #10 entry, I added some colored elements for complementary purposes to the main content so as not to just make a plain gray and adjusted the lens flares to the "eyes" of the cars (Headlights) to give some enticing look.. There you go. Please rate if you like my design. Regards, MARKitTHINK
  • Hello Ch, I put the background image only on the sides as you ask and split the car because if a put one entire car in each side the car will look very small, how about #8 ?
  • Hello - just uploaded another version - I've noticed you kept the top navigation separating from the main background, therefore I've added a slightly bigger gradient to the top and also made the overall BG bigger horizontally. please let me know when you have upload to the website so I can take a look. All the best, Diego
  • Yes, I understand I'll make those adjustments - alignment and I'll make the sides a bit bigger for larger resolutions screens. will upload in a few minutes. thanks!
  • I'm sorry. I understand there will be a limit. I'm asking if you can realign the image just a little to the left so it matches the main content better. Thanks a lot!
  • Hello There's a limit to the size vertically and that what I wanted to confirm For example on if you zoom out to the max (CTRL and the Minus sign ) you will see the end of the background. I'll just make the background bigger and there's always going to be a limit. Thanks!
  • Can you take a look at this and adjust the image a little? Look at it in 1920x1080 ... on the background goes to side of page no matter the resolution. Thanks, David P.s. if you make adjustments you can just send me the png files until it's finalized.
  • I've upload 3 formats, png and psd. The png can be repositioned as desired by the webdesigner. please confirm all files are okay. Thanks again!
  • 972px width.
  • Hey great i'll be uploading the close file - what is the exact pixel measurement of the main content - thanks
  • Submit the one with just black and white and I'll select you as the winner. Thanks.
  • Hello CH - I've just upload #35 using the adjustments you asked - The first one on top is Black&White at 85% (this tones down the colors but we still get a slight shade of yellow, red and blue from the skies) and the bottom one is 100% B/W Please review it and let me know! Thanks
  • Can you please use this in black and white? We love the design but it distracts too much from the main site .. we would really like to see the colors toned down to black and white. Thanks
  • Please Review #29 and #28 as well #30 - One is using a strip on both side, the other 2 are design using the selected models and same background.
  • Hello Please review #28 - It includes both cars on a drag strip with a slight texture effect to make the background darker - thanks!
  • #24 Can you give me some feedback please? i know that are image behind the content but i like that way. I can put it black in the middle and still good. thank you
  • Hi! Sorry I unwillingly submitted the empty template, my bad! I then submitted the image correctly, I tried to emulate the depth of the racing strip on the two sides, hope you like it!
  • It looks great, as you can see. Please send the psd just so I have it then I'll make sure it's closed.