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Nice job! Designer was very accommodating and patient with all my changes and requests. Thank you!

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Project description

Want to completely replace the images in the top section of the page. Top bar, banner and navigation bar. Visit to view the site needing the update. Dimensions of images should be sized to generally fit the space to minimize change issues. Ideally I would be able to “cut and paste” the new images into the existing layout. Only need psd graphics - no coding needed.

The site was designed in WordPress. You can eliminate in the top bar. Login, Sign up, and google search need to remain somewhere in the top bar.

Want to change the text in the section that currently reads: National Senior Living Providers Network. Seniors Care Jobs, News, and Professional Community. Replace with: National Senior Living Providers Network. A Professional Senior Care Community for Education, Career Development, News and Jobs

Replace 7 Navigation Bar Titles with (left to right) Membership, Education, News, Community, Resources, Store, Job Search. Will need the drop down links from these as well. I can provide.

Look and Feel: Seeking a peaceful, serene, nature type feel but not cold hospital. Calm, smoothing, but with a slightly modern twist. Maybe some nature image references? Subtle flowers, tree limbs, vines?? Not too crazy (:

Current color scheme should be generally maintained since the new images will need to blend with the site although I would like to see a warmer shades in particular a warmer shade of blue. The rest of the site text colors can be updated to match.

Round graphic needs to be redone but keep colors. There is a lot of blue on the site so maybe bring out the red/yellow? Maybe something creative with the initials NSLPN becomes the graphic icon?? Image will need to be the HOME link button.

In general current fonts are a little boring and need to be changed. Looking for ideas. Again, slightly modern but not too crazy.

Okay to post ROUGH drafts and I will provide quick feedback before you spend a lot of time on one design.

Thank you for your interest!!

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  • Please note that I only need psd graphics and jpeg files - no coding required. Thank you!
  • Designers please take a look at the secondary pages of the site. I will also need a slightly different version for the sub-pages that include the small advertisement block on the right. The small navigation links at the top should remain on the sub-pages. Thank you!!
  • @Mgillen90 sorry for late response... just got back online.. yes I can help you but I am no expert in coding.. I can deliver the file in PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF or any format you like for an easy coding and upload... thanks!
  • Ok, I'll do changes you asked and new logo (for tommorow), ( logo will be vector based and could be used in any materials later) ..and sorry for spelling mistake, somehow happened :) Yes, I can incorporate design to actual website for additional fee, this is no problem. Photo used of two people is 100% public domain and free to use in any materials. I quite manipulated it (it looked actualy different, had a background of roomsome different colors and so on) , background photos of green also public and no rights violated with both. Good day for you and keep in touch tommorow ;) FullHeads visuals
  • Impressive and creative!! I like the direction and the quality of the graphics. Let's get the spelling correct: NACIONAL is NATIONAL. The tag line is: A Professional Senior Care Commnunity for Education, Career Development, News and Jobs. Tag line font is a little too scripty (: but right idea. Like the faces - it brings more life to the site! Not loving the logo - any other ideas? Still like a little red somewhere to make it pop and if NSLPN can be incorporated I can use the graphic for other things. Make "Join for Free" yellow or pop out more. Same with "Signup". If you are chosen can you help me incorporate these changes into the site? Of course that would be an additional fee. Finally is the photo of the 2 people public domain and free to use? I would be to be gauranteed that is okay to use. Thank you so much for your excellent work!!
  • Hello, Your website is about care and warm feelings, but is in blue color (wicth is cool coolor in all) i thought it needed more warmer atmosfere, I added nice smiling senior couple for that ant added warm green elements, photo based backround and couting members sign. Also get rid of thar blue line on top, funktionality is the sake but top of the site is not presing douwn that gives more space. I looked thought coding of your web and made design that It would be easy changable in wordpress theme. Please let me know if any changes needed, Good day for you. FullHeads visuals
  • Manila, If I end up choosing your design can we work together after the contest to help me post this update to my site? Thank you.
  • Hi. Thanks for your design. I like the portional sizes of the fonts. Like to see more creativity overall. Logo not really preferred choice. Thank you so much for your efforts!!
  • I like all the coloring - good job. I am strugging with the fonts for the site name, tag line and navi buttons. Maybe just need some more options with varying fonts. Main navi button fonts too thin. I like having the second in the title being a different color. Second line font okay to be different but not too scripty. And font size for title and tagline needs to be larger like on #4. You are close!! Thank you!
  • Hi Please check my design do u want me to change fonts and colors in the rest of the page as well or just nav? thanks Bernadette
  • Hi CH,Thanks for the Feedback I will be submitting another entry shortly Thanks, CSSChimp
  • I love the direction - great job!! Love the new multi color logo!! Like the icons on the navi buttons. I would like to see a little more creativity with the company name and solgan fonts as options although this is definately a good choice. Also can we better tie in the colors and fonts on the other buttons: Login, Sign Up, Join for Free, Search. Maybe make the colors pop out a little? Could I see a few different fonts on all the buttons? If I provide the titles for the drop down links from the main navi buttons could you provide those to match? Love the vines/nature look. Thank you so much for your great work (:
  • Thank you for your design! Although a very good update from what I have currently it does not incorporate enough differing colors. Thank you!!
  • hi CH, here is my revision for the secondary page.. and added other design elements.. thanks!
  • on the secondary pages the ad block needs to be square. please do not use the hanging sign which is great for the member count
  • Dear ch, upload 1st concept for you. i not found company's logo, so here i used a sample logo. i don't know your need any login/signup button. Thanks.
  • Hello Mgillen90, made changes you asked, banner from sub-page as well slogan is way to long to use scripted fonts, won't be seen clearly, may be this font will work ?
  • thanks for the update Mgillen90! will provide revision.. thanks!
  • Designers - almost there! I have uploaded the links from the navi tabs that I need. From the winner I will need the layered PSD file. It would be great if you could provide us with the XHTML/CSS too. We will need to work with you for about a week after the contest to make some changes if we run into any issues while updating the site.
  • Designers please make sure the drop down menu's off the main navi buttons and easy to change after installation so when can page links in the future and those drop downs can be updated easily without a graphics update. Hope that is possible. Also I need to make a change to the Navi titles. STORE gets replaced with JOB SEARCH and JOB SEARCH gets replaced with EMPLOYERS. I will provide all the drop down link titles before the contest ends.