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Winning design #57 by alryts, Banner Design for Banner for our home page needed Contest
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designed by alryts

Project description

Our current website ( is not an e-commerce site. We are currently implementing a e-commerce site using CS-Cart software and will be implementing a rotating Flash banner on the homepage. We are looking for the first of 3 or 4 images for the banner in this contest.

The goal of this banner is to convey that we are a small family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service. We do not want to be seen as the typical cold e-commerce site where you don't deal with real people. We have a retail store that people can visit, and when they call us they will talk to one of the people in the pictures, not someone off-shore hired to take our phone calls.

Included in the image zip file are various images of our store, the staff, and setting-type photos of some of our products placed in a home. We will leave it up to you which image(s) to choose for the banner, just remember the goal is to portray us as a family owned business. The image named DSCF0007.jpg in the attachment might be a good place to start because it is a photo of our owner and store managers, all of whom are family.

Also included in the package is the homepage we are working on for the new site; so that you can see the color scheme, and our logo. The banner, of course, should mesh well with our current color scheme.

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  • Dear CH, (no comment) Sincerely, ThtKidRyan
  • Dear CH, I would request your logo file separate from the images you've provided so I could add it to the banner without it becoming distorted. My entry is the two basic color or "tan" and "brown." I continued the gray from the store sidewalk which will be a great contrast from the red in your site. Sincerely, ThtKidRyan
  • Wrong colors for our site - please see the image in the .zip package showing our logo and color scheme for the new site. Also (and more importantly), this entry focuses more on product than on "family owned" and "friendly" which is one of the main requirements for the design as described in the brief.
  • We're thinking the photo of all the barstools on the right is a little too busy and tends to make the design look dark.
  • We REALLY like this photo of the people rather than the other one, once seeing it incorporated in a design. We like the placement of images, and the lighting effect on the left and right. The only thing we request is changing the color and possibly the font of the verbiage. Currently the verbiage being white and red makes us think of Christmas colors.
  • This graphic would look better as a mailing/postcard rather than a website banner.
  • Don't care for the bubble effect.
  • Don't care for the bubble effect in the middle of the banner.
  • We don't like how the people's photo is cut off so short.
  • hi there! I am submitting these entries (#16 & #15) in response to your previous review on #7 & #6. Thank you for taking time to look at my design and for giving your comments. cheers!
  • This entry doesn't really "pop" much, and we don't care for the image of the people being cut off.
  • Same as entry #4
  • The image of the store is too large and overpowers everything else. While we want people to know we are also a retail store, that's not the most important thing we want to convey.
  • We don't care for this one because it's got too much going on...Too complex in our opinion.
  • Good, it shows some of our wide selection. Needs some verbiage to tie the design with our goal of being family run.
  • We like this one also, conveys family, product, and store. I think there needs to be some verbiage on the design though, something that tells people we're a family business; this way the picture of the people makes sense because they're family.
  • I like this entry, because it conveys 3 great things about our store: family, product, and retail store. But, instead of a black area with text, perhaps some sort of verbiage in a nice font can be used right over the image to say something like "you're family, because we're family!". Maybe that's cheesy but you get the idea!
  • Hi CH, any comments in #37 , #38 & #40 so i can improve them
  • CH #29 does look skewed to me. Please note that I'm not dogging their design, just being helpful.
  • Thoughts or changes for #25 or #30 let us know. Thanks in advanced!