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Winning design #39 by cyrixian, Banner Design for Banners for our new e-commerce site Contest
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designed by cyrixian

Project description

We are in need of 3 banners to display on the home page of our website. These banners will rotate using Flash every few seconds. The banners need to blend well with our color scheme used on our site ( You may use any graphics in the banner that you feel look professional and help convey the goals we have for the banners. Included in the zip file are 2 banners we are already using for your reference as well as images of the machines themselves. Goals for each banner: Banner 1 - same verbiage as existing banner, just redesigned, and add a highly visible graphic noting that online ordering is now available, and machine pricing starts at $995 USD. Banner 2 - same verbiage as existing banner, just redesigned Banner 3 - highlight that our machines are portable, fast (services a vehicle in 7-12 minutes) and quick return on investment. Our Q100 model pays for itself in 45 days if just one car is serviced per day.

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  • Dear rhkittredge, actually there is still one more design, part to-3. but my upload credits have been exhausted, so I just uploaded the number # 12 (part 1) and # 13 (part 2). if you want to see part-to 3, see my portfolio Thanks :D Regards, Ansav
  • Dear Ch, What kind file format you needed? Flash? i upload my design .psd format.Thanks.
  • Hello CH, I've submitted design #8. I hope you like it. In the third banner I used a combination between tire and clock from which I wanted to suggest the time factor that is found in 2 atributes from what you wrote: Fast Service and Quick Return on Investment. On the other hand the tire suggests the mobility of your products. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to getting a response. Regards, Zago
  • ok i will try again tommorow, . hem... to design my image is already entered into the concept of product you want? my design number #7,#6, and #5.
  • Please feel free to modify the text on the banners as you see fit to shorten it; our goal is to portray the main benefits of the equipment. The text can be shortened but still essentially say the same thing.
  • apology accepted, if you know only 3 images, used to send a jpg file with 3 design on a canvas, so it can send a lot of design. but it is life, should not be sorry for help
  • I apologize for not identifying in the contest brief what format I'm looking for. I have the Flash capability already so all I need are 3 images that I can plug into the Flash module. The images should be jpg or png. I would like the winning design to submit layered PSD for each image.
  • Dear CH, I have a u need us to develop and animate them? since it is hard to present in static image cause we may be able to present much better in .swf file format, such as overlay effect of animation n lots more including we can customize the height and how it will be animated. Your feedback will be very helpful. regards, Anzee.
  • 1 hour left, wish you all good luck :) Greetings from Germany.
  • very NICE bro :D, i like your design master, ...........................................................
  • Dear CH, I made the changes, you told me. Tell me if there's something else standing in my way to reach the 100? Greetings from Germany.
  • About #39 Hi CH, attached changes has been done base on your feedback. Thanks
  • We like the design, but think there are better ones here...
  • It's a very clean design. Please make slide 2 use more bullet point style when discussing quality of equipment, user friendly
  • Seems like a bit of a step back from previous entry - slide 2 looks out of place, not only that, we don't care for its design...We like how you changed to bullet points but I think maybe you took it a bit too far, if that makes any sense!
  • Very professional and eye catching. On first slide, leave the sentence that says "catch the trend..." but then change the rest of the sentences to short bullet points (highest quality, user friendly, fastest, etc). I like slide 2 but the transition between the left side and right side is odd, is it supposed to look like a ripped paper? Please change it. On slide 3 the text under "portable" and "fast" should say something like "lightweight" and "services a vehicle in 7-12 minutes".
  • About #38. Attached modified bullets on the banner 1 and 2. Glad to hear your concern. Thanks
  • On slide 1, please make the "click to see" and "our line of nitrogen..." elements look more cohesive; right now they look like two totally separate entities. On slide 3, make the left column bullet points say something like "easy to roll around your shop" and then "services a vehicle in 7-12 minutes". One the right side remove image of car and place image of Q100 machine (the single tank machine)
  • Hello CH, I read your feedback so i modified my design to something more bullet-point and easy to be seen by the visitors of your site: #36 I hope you like it. Regards, Zago
  • Dear Contest-Holder i just uploaded a few fresh banners. I would be glad, if i would get some rating points and feedback to know which fragments, i need to change. Feel free to navigate me. Greetings from Germany.