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Winning design #35 by rajagee, Banner Design for BLANDING BILLBOARD Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rajagee

Project description

The BillBoard is the size 14 ft x 24ft. My office is Argyle Dental Professionals see ARGYLEDENTAL.COM. There are other "ArgyleDentals" in the Area so I may have to advertise by my name Glenn Forhan DMD MAGD instead so as to not drive traffic to a competitors site. My expertise is IV sedation to provide general dentistry for any patient who wants a more comfortable experience and wants to get a great deal of work done in a single setting. The drive by billboard is best done with as much picture graphic info rather than text as cars go by it at 45 MPH. I can also create another website with a catchy name to point to to place on the ad. something such as with colorization to make the words stand out. Some thoughts I want to take this in a second direction: Let's see any ideas with the following information: Glenn Forhan DMD MAGD slogan: Do it the easy way!!!! Oral, IV and Surgery center "sleep" Dentistry phone: 904-772-8898 Our logo: the gold tree without the Argyle Dental Wording. 1/4 mi West of Blanding on Argyle Forest Blvd. Thanks....Glenn

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  • Dear CH, i like your project ! can you please confirm content , picture of billboard i am waiting your reply thanks
    • Please see the description and downloads-----I need a catchy billboard for my General Dental practice.

  • I need to advertise by my name only as there are other Argyle Dentals close by---also I want to emphasize sedation, implants and general dentistry. My Website is for further info plus I will send an additional attachment that may be helpful.
  • rajagee; Can you Eliminate the ARgyle Dental Professionals from the logo. Eliminate my picture. Center the rest and emphasize my phone number. Would love to find a graphic of a resting patient. Also instead of emphasize sedation put advanced Sedation
    • Dear CH, thanks for rating & feedback i upload new designs i have use patient sleeping in a dental chair & phone number bigger i hope you like my new submission appreciated feedback thanks

  • Can you make the logo bigger and take away the ARGYLE DENTAL on it. call sedation IV SEDATION AND MAKE IT BIGGER. Center my phone number at the bottom and make it bigger.
    • I've changed the design as you requested, also I uploaded another design without white spaces. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

  • I like this but I need a better graphic centered. A drawing of a patient sleeping in a dental chair perhaps. Perhaps my phone number 904-772-8898 Wher it says Argyle Dental professionals.
  • Can you do this in all black and gold. Remove the ARGYLEDENTAL FROM THE LOGO. Instead of Emphasize Sedation put Advanced sedation. Need the directions to say: In Argyle 1/4 mile off Blanding. My phone numbeer has to be much more visible to passing cars.
  • Design #8 for your consideration. Sorry for the misspelling in the previous design, I uploaded a draft I did to check how the design would look like. Any feedback is welcome.
  • Hello Dr. Glenn .. I hope If you have a high resolution pic so that I may use it .. You know .. I can't use a regular pic in such banner .. Thanks :)
  • Can you read the comments to the other artists?
    • yes you can read the comments to other artists. how come?

    • So I can type things once and everyone can benefit from general guidelines....thanks

  • Looking also for something original that emphasized my location, name and comfortable dentistry my specialty is sedation, anesthesia, sleep dentistry....
  • I need a picture that emphasizes relaxation---that shows sedation, comfort..... I would like also to use my logo but without the ARGYLE DENTAL---just the tree. Also need to consider making the contact info larger probably at the expense of my name.
  • Hi CH, I have designed three versions #25,#26,#27, appreciate if replied with your feedback. Best Regards, Edward Agnel
    • |--|

      eagnel {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, I have designed three versions #25,#26,#27, appreciate if replied with your feedback. Best Regards, Edward Agnel
      |--| Hi, I have one more version which I think will match your expectations, but I am unable to submit. please accept. Thanks, Edward Agnel

  • put the tree smaller and in line with DMD MAGD to the right of it. Expand Do it the easy way into the newly acquired space.
    • Sir, i have make the 2 design right align tree & center align with DMD MAGD & do it easy more expend & alignment of text thanks for feedback

  • rajagee Let's try one other thing. Move my name up to the top, decrease the tree and put it after MAGD on that second line. Then increase the size of the Do it the easy Way so it pops a little more. thanks
    • Dear sir, please check my new entry as you required changes increase the size Do it the easy Way

  • rajagee can you also give me a version of this with the 1/4 mile line eliminated and the phone number and web address expanded in the freed up space.
    • Dear Sir, also i have remove 1/4 mile & phone number and web address expanded & space freed thanks

  • Dear CH, Design # 31 for your consideration please have a look
  • rajagee my billboard guy likes this the best---got any other pictures we could use here and are they something I can use or have to license in addition to the copyright from the contest.
    • Dear CH, this picture must be purchase at link after buy this picture you send me i have replace with.

  • Hi, CH, design # 29 for your consideration, clean look Regards Ajay Bansal
  • Design #28 for your consideration. I have the same design in black and gold without gradient. If you like the design I'd uploaded it. Thanks
  • Move Glenn Forhan down and increase the size of "do it the easy way"
    • Please see #24 the slogan has been increased and your name has been moved down...let me know if you need any other edits