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As a normal banner would only cost me $80, I was hoping for more options to choose from for the $300+ I paid. It would be good if you had more designers so that there were more options and creativity. Otherwise it was simple and easy to use.


CA$300 paid

62 custom designs

10pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #23 by SchwanerD, Banner Design for Brytbiz Solutions Ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SchwanerD

Project description

I require a website banner image that includes my logo.

I am a consultant working in the areas of project management; risk management; change management; business process improvements; improving client relationships; program management and reporting development. 

I provide these services to external agencies, including industry clients, academic institutes, other research providers, and government bodies.

I want something that represents my business but not a big team as it is only me working.


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  • New Version. With Some Illustration. Kindly provide Feedback and rate the design. #54
    • @alex3 : Kindly provide feedback on #54 and rate the design.

  • another one with illustration style #47
  • here's with illustration style #46
  • banner 4 #45
  • banner 3 #44
  • banner 2 #43
  • Hi Alex, it's me Aryo. Here's the first draft. Another options will follow

    Thanks #42
  • I want to like this one - too cartoony and the team is not fond of it #36
  • Sorry I dont like the use of clipart type objects...too cartoony #38
  • Sorry I dont like the use of clipart type objects...too cartoony #39
  • Thank you for making the changes...still not working for me sorry #41
  • The colour is much better - I meant all of our service offerings on one of them - as I will only use one banner #31
    • About #31, @alex3 I have submitted two updates as #34 and #35, give your opinion to find the optimum position of your services. Regards!!

    • @alex3 Please find the updates for #31 as #41. Regards!!

  • Sorry these are not working for me #35
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Please provide me the feedback for my design and let me know the changes #33
    CSS Chimp #36
  • Just wondering if you were going to submit one like this without the head in the middle...did that comment come through from me? #25
  • @alex3 Thanks for your kind consideration on #30, please find the updates as #31
  • Can you remove the circles around the logo? #27
  • It looks okay but I dont like the circles around the logo #28
  • Not so keen on this one sorry #29
  • Can you add a blue hue to the middle one and change the text that is under "Results Based" from business process counselling to using the text that covers our areas of business - e.g project management, change management etc #30