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Winning design #7 by operhal, Banner Design for Campus Mission Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

Design 2 vertical banners to be used at a display table/booth advertising our campus ministry network and resources to a conference for mainly pastors and church leaders. Our network consists of ministries to different college campuses across the USA. We want this display (w/ banners) to have a college/university "look" but also be appealing to pastors/churches who might want to partner with us.  

Content to be included should be: 
Network, Resource, Engage
Making Christ-like disciples on College and University campuses

Banner Specs:  Width- 35 inches by Height- 84 inches

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  • This is one of our top 3 or 4 choices...but we've decided it looks a little too institutional. thanks for your entry! #12
  • Cool layout but too Caucasian. ;-) #28
  • We definitely want some people/faces and we've decided the "grad" image is too cliche. thanks for your entry! #27
  • Cool concept...academic...but the text is hard to read. #26
  • This is a little to a scene from Lord of the Rings #25
  • is it possible to extend the contest for two more days ?
  • maybe one of them you can choose :) #27
  • hi CH. please see my new design option thanks
    best regards
    babar786 #26
  • hi contest holder please let me know what about your thinking? thanks
    best regards
    babar786 #25
  • Hello, sir,

    Here is my first entry.
    It's simple, modern, easy to read and I think that it's representing very well your concept.

    I'm waiting for feedback and rating.

    Thank you and have a nice day! #24
  • Dear CH, please check this option and let me know what you think.
    My best,
    operhal #22
  • About #18, @operhal I'm leaning towards your designs here. I wonder if you could replace one of the images with one containing a non-white person?
    • About #18, @cbean71 of course:-) thank you

  • Hi contest holder, i hope you like my new entry. #20
  • another option for your consideration #18
  • hi contest holder please see my new design option thanks
    best regards
    babar786 #17
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #7
    • @operhal Thank you!

    • @cbean71 You are welcome! :) Do you have some comments, corrections? If so, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Hi sir, This is my new entry.. checkout please.. #5
    • @henters12 Thank you! Nazarene....not Nazarenea, btw

    • @cbean71 ohh k sir, thank you for correcting me.. please do rate sir..

  • hi contest holder i have uploaded banner design
    best regards
    babar786 #10
  • This has good potential. Thank You! Can you design a complimentary version for banner #2
    This one looks academic...perhaps banner#2 could be more social or architectural in terms of campus life? #4
    • About #4, @cbean71 Thank you for ur feedback sir.. i will make as ur wish .. and please rate sir..thankyou

  • About #3, @FlexDesign

    This is a good improvement...thank you. I still think the "grad" image is a little cliche.