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Goldenz rocks! I would like to see more designers compete against each other. I was only working with about 6 even though I had about 50 designs. Overall though a very nice website and concept you have!

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Winning design #44 by GoldenZ, Banner Design for Needs Attractive Attention getting design for banner, logo, labels and packaging Contest
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designed by GoldenZ

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I'm looking to have a website header made that can be used as a logo as well to go on bumper stickers/tshirts etc.. It needs to say "" and "Because Chicks LOVE Queso." If you can also put a small trademark symbol on it too since I trademarked the name. I am aiming for a fun mexican color. I think the design could have a couple of cartoon queso girls maybe dipping chips or something. This is only to guide you, but you can toss "this guide aside" and dream it up yourself. If you are going the cartoon girls route, keep em' classy. I kinda like this style, the girl on the right: NO CHEESE CURDS....this is queso we are talking about..melted cheese or as they say in other parts of the world 'cheese dip.'

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  • it needs to be refined, chic and fun.
  • mrr
    i gave it another try :D see #8
  • Very good, but too racy and the girl looks kinda mean. I want to get the college girls attention, but don't want grandma to turn away either.
  • Hey mrr you are talented! I need it more classy though. That's almost porn. ha ha
  • As requested, Mexican Font. Note: I have checked the Chic vector image from iStockPhoto, And I think I can't Purchase it. Can you Purchase it for me if I won? Its a vector Image and it can be used on your Logo or labels, The picture cost 75$ Kindly Advice, Thanks.
  • A chick, chips, cheese and a mexican font--Updated my earlier entries, have changed the bg to black, came up with this design. Hope you like it dear CH. Thanks!
  • entry #25 is more of what I'm shooting for. let's see what you got.
  • the black one is awesome, but this one stick piques my interest. the chip and bowl of queso don't show up as well as on the black one and i think it needs a mexican style font
  • This is really good #winning! Can I check out some different mexican fonts. something like this:,r:1,s:111&biw=1280&bih=911 or like this 'gringo',r:12,s:53&biw=1280&bih=911
  • the one girls outfit is too racy. its hard to read it, but pretty good
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  • As requested, 2 girls with different dress colors and Chips and queso bowl. Also I have provided a black background entry on #25 Just for clarification: I did not design the Illustration photo for the Chic, Its a picture from istockphoto willing to purchase if I won, The rest of illustration such as background Bowl & Chips are mine. I'm not willing to design a logo or labels, I joined because it listed under Banner design contest. Thanks -Amr
  • You can find the #23. it's like the #22 the shape isn't the same but it is a form of banner a little more original
  • Hi CH. As you can see from this design #19, I have changed the image of the girl, closest to the examples you have given. I have also included a bowl with cheese and chips. Thank you.
  • you are on the right track with your other designs entry #16 and #18
  • you are on the right track with your other designs entry #16 and #18
  • I like the mexican feel, not the block of cheese. I also like the chips. I'm aiming for a cartoon girl more like the ones in the examples. You are pretty talented!
  • Ok we are getting somewhere here!!! I created this site for my wife and her twin. can you fit in the same cartoon girl in there with something to differentiate the two ( maybe different clothing, but same hair color, maybe one has a chip in her hand and the other has a queso bowl) and can I see what if looks like with a black background with your original text in entry #16
  • Hello chicksandqueso, As requested, a bit more bigger with red and black font color.
  • awesome!!!! make 'because chicks love queso' pop a bit more with color. this is really good!!