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Winning design #29 by Meow, Banner Design for Coming Soon Contest
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designed by Meow

Project description

I need an ad template to use for my real estate listings. Instead of a banner ad, think of it as a Hatch Show Print (concert promo posters, Nashville TN), a movie getting ready to be released or a coming attraction of any sort. The subject matter will change from property to property, as well as the length of the description, but the ad itself will follow the same format. In other words, I want all of my ads (current and future) to have the same feel in terms of style. I saw a really cool, clean door on a restaurant in Barcelona which gave me this idea. Really like the variation of font styles and sizes but love how they all tie together. I've attached a picture of it for reference. For this exercise, let's use the following text: Hillsboro Village Cottage Chefs Kitchen w/ skyline views 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath (OR, 4BR/3.5BA) $900,000 (OR, 900k range) Coming 6/1/14 (this line may/may not be used on all ads) The text in parentheses (OR, ______) can be used in lieu of the text that precedes it - whichever looks best! Since it's text only, I think black or dark grey will look the best. I have photos of each house to provide pops of color. I'll need to know font names, sizes, etc for future ads. Let the creativity FLOW!

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  • Hello. How is this design (#1) for a start? I have some questions: How will the photos be implemented to the typography? What format should the ad be?
    • It's good. Definitely heading in the right direction. These ads will not actually have photos attached to them, which is why I want the design to be spot on. My goal in all of this is to be able to plug the font specs into the HTML on my website so that when I upload text for new listings, it automatically populates on my site. Does that help?

    • Do you have an idea on how to achieve this? You will need to recreate the entire design with HTML and CSS. We designers only create static visual graphics, not code. An alternative is to use images instead. You can give us the actual infos so we can create designs for your site. Here's a new design: #11.

    • That's my intention - to write my HTML and CSS in a way that allows me to keep the same format when I upload new listings as opposed to having to re-design each ad. I may find that it won't work that way - it's my first shot. Worst case scenario, I'll end up having to source out each ad.

    • It is possible with lots of web fonts and careful positioning. But I'm not sure if it is possible to write a CSS that will perfectly style whatever text you upload. You don't have to source out each ad. Maybe 3 or 5 is OK since this is a simple design.

  • I can't see the picture you said you would attach.
    • Sorry about that. I just re-uploaded it. It's a PDF file. If it doesn't work again, let me know and I can email it directly to you if that works. Thanks for the heads up!

  • clean. i like it.
  • Joel - i like the look of this, as well. The one part I'm not crazy about is the ribbon-style banner w/ the "coming soon" info. Can you do another rendition of this w/ some different fonts?
  • Hello Daniel, I have submitted entries #6 and #7 based on the exact description of your brief and tried using amazing fonts to aid the beauty of your job. Would need your feedback on them. Thanks. Serexzo.
    • Thanks Serexzo. I like the way it's looking, but do not like the cursive or handwriting font in either of them.

  • Hello CH, I think I want a poster that will attract the public, if I understood well. Since the property in question, I used some photos house as an example. I used the font Times New Roman, and Arial. By the time I made ​​a special logo for you. The poster is A3. Background can be vigneti I devised alignment with the logo or just a gradient transition. #4 and #7 I am open to suggestions, criticisms, corrections and your opinions, do not know if I started off well? Sincerely, krisdesign
    • Thanks for the entries. I prefer the style of the other designs that have been submitted. The purpose of this ad is to be clean and contemporary with words only. They are ads that I will use to promote my listings but will not have photos of the property incorporated into them. In other words, they will be text only ads.

  • Thank you serexzo, I think that we are not wrong :)
  • Hello, my prime objective is first, ease of reading along with variation of font. I don't think one needs to "shout" to get the message through. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  • Hello Ch, Please review this one #16 I would like to know your feelings about it, I'm open to any suggestions Cheers., David
  • The font looks a little collegiate-y to me.
    • Hi Ch, how about this one #31 , #35 , #39 and #43? looking forward to hear you.,

  • So this will be sort of a Pinterest image on your web site?
  • Are these going to be print ads? How are these going to be used? I do not see any contact information or business name.
    • they will be posted on my site. these are only meant to be teasers. Users will have to contact me (or whoever posts the listing) to get the full info.

  • the banner - not crazy about it.
  • I like the format/layout but am not crazy about the fonts, especially the "coming 6.1.14" part. It'd be cool to see with all new fonts. In general, you've done a good job at breaking up the info and making it easy to read.
  • Very legible. And clean. But I'm not a huge fan of the font that "Cottage" is in.. For that matter, can you change the font on the top 3 lines entirely? Thanks!
  • I like this one. The arrow is a cool touch. Can you submit another one w/ a little less "collegiate-y" of a feeling text on the top 2 lines "Hillsboro Village Cottage" and on the bottom "COMING"?
  • The stars, asterisks and borders make this a little busy. And I'm not too crazy about the font the numbers (6/1/14) are in, either.
  • I know the contest is over, but you're going to win. My top 3 favorite designs were yours. Can you square this up just a bit so it's not so narrow? I think it'll be easier to read then. But i love the fonts and line breaks.