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Winning design #55 by ursachio, Banner Design for Commercial Insurance Banner Set Contest
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designed by ursachio

Project description

Need 728x90, 336x280, 300x250 and 160x600 banner ad set for an insurance company that will be using the banners to attract leads for commercial insurance. The geo-location where these banner ads will be displayed are in west texas. This is oil field, oil field services, pumpjacks, oil speculators, cowboy country. "Care about your business? Insure it! Click here" "Don't lose a deal because you're under-insured. Click here" "Best rates from West Texas' largest commercial insurance company. click here" "Get bonded and insured Texas style. Best commercial insurance rates anywhere. click here." "Best commercial insurance rates. Click here." These ads will be running on Drudge and national sites, but will be geo-targeted to west texas. "

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  • HI CH, Please check my Entry #13, Regards Salman Khan
  • Best Rates IN West Texas. That eliminates the need for that goofy apostrophe. This one is getting close.
  • Yeah, baby! Give me money and OIL. I am starting to like.
  • Okay. We're getting somewhere. I like the oil wells. Looks like MONEY, even if the pumpjacks are arranged like they would be in a Star Wars video game.
  • Nah.
  • Also, that font looks, well, like an "alternative lifestyle." We're men out here, not wimpy Oak Lawn or Montrose urban-dwellers.
  • It's clean, but too blue. This is West Texas, dammit! There ain't no water anywhere out here, except in the fracking sand below the surface (-;
  • This has to be the UGLIEST piece of "art" ever posted to a contest site. Red on purple? Are you colorblind? Dude, you need more than an upgrade to your Microsoft Paint program, you need to upgrade from Windows 3.1!!
  • HI CH, Please check this banner,this is a Gif image, Regards Salman Khan
  • HI CH please check my entry #4 and give me some great feedback, Regards Salman khan
  • Hi CH, Plz rate my entry #19 and #20 and send me ur feedback .. Thnx
  • Thanks for appreciation. You are right about oil pumps. Designed by me can be adapted to any size you want 728x90, 336x280, 300x250 and 160x600 pixels. I also made a variation on the background of night. Entry #18.
  • I have done some 3D Work in the text in my new design #48 please tell me if u like this concept! I will make a complete banner set in this 3D! Thanks & best regards!
  • #38 Thank you, I'm glad you like it ! If you want something else, let me know
  • Hi Ch, Thank you for giving me feedback! I worked on the designs and made with a new concept #43! Please give me further suggestions about the design! Thanks and best regards!
  • best typography yet. classy look.
  • Hi Ch, Thank you reviewing my previous designs! I have submitted new ones with some alterations #36 & #37! please review them also! thanks!
  • good attempt at letter format. However, those letters would look better if they were steel. I mean, you have the bolts already. Why not make those letters steel?
  • Hi CH. Please review my design #33.Do give me suggestions! Regards!