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Winning design #34 by killpixel, Banner Design for Condom shop needs a genius banner! Contest
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designed by killpixel

Project description

We are in desperate need of a really good looking banner, and hope some of you creative designers will help us getting the PERFECT banner for our shop :-) If you visit our site at you will see a big picture with BANNER! written on it.. Thats the banner we need to change to something beautiful.. The banner needs to fit in, because the just ontop of the banner there is a top picture.. So it wont work with a completely yellow colored banner etc. The banner must contain 4 advantages for using our shop - and somehow integrate which payment options we have available. Text 1 - Gratis Fragt Text 2 - Sikker betaling Text 3 - Fuld diskretion Text 4 - Nem og hurtig bestilling And the payment options: Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, Bankwire and Dankort (danish payment card - google ftw) Happy designing :)

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  • Maybe i should translate the 4 texts :) Gratis Fragt = Free shipping Sikker betaling = Secure payment Fuld diskretion = Complete confidentiality Nem og hurtig bestilling = Easy and fast ordering
  • I hope this one works a little better. Again this is an iStock photo I would have to alter it a bit as well, you see the original photo has a different sign, but I replaced it with your text. Look forward to your feedback, Hector
  • Thank you, I am currently working on a design :)
  • Hey DubzDesignz look at the first comment i made :) Gratis Fragt = Free shipping Sikker betaling = Secure payment Fuld diskretion = Complete confidentiality Nem og hurtig bestilling = Easy and fast ordering
  • Would you be able to tell me what the text means in english? It will help me with the design, many thanks!
  • I dont like that one..
  • I brought the magenta from the logo into the design as a background to support the benefits text and also changed the font to a more bold font so that it will be more readable. Thank you for your feedback and I await further comments. Best regards, Hector
  • It looks fine, but I do not think the benefits will be shown clearly enough
  • Det ser fint ud, men jeg synes ikke at fordelene bliver vist tydeligt nok
  • Please forgive me if the translation is off. Best, Hector
  • Hi there, I wanted to provide a clean sophisticated banner that relays a message of making sure your never without in times of need while still being respectful to the audience. The image will have to be purchased through iStock, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it. I look forward to your feedback and wish you good fortune in your decision to come. Best regards, Hector
  • #2 Matching your site colors, going for something sensuous but ambiguous enough so as not to be X-rated. I await your feedback.
  • I must say that i like the idea of the jailed sperm icon.. I would like to see it with icons and card flags if possible.. But the colors dont fit in our design in my opinion. If you look at our site you will notice that on top of the banner there is a top frame in white.
  • The concept design is intent to be simple: locked and jailed sperm icon. Would you like to see icons for the features and card flags?
  • Hello there, I know my previous entries were not what you are looking for, but I hope my next entries are more suitable. I look forward to your feedback. best, Hector
  • We are looking for at more cartoonish design than a reallife picture.
  • Its not the style we are looking for
  • I actualy like this style.. I dont like the "make the right move" Could you try sqeeze in the right payment cards? and maybe make the upper corners more round like the banner on our site.
  • Hello ! , let me know your POVs of mi banner.. Greetings
  • do you want a photo or a vector image?