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Many of the designs we have to sift through are of very poor quality, with only a handful of legitimate contenders. Would be nice to be able to not have to deal with the junk designs.

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Winning design #43 by VladTodirut, Banner Design for Ecommerce Hero Banner Contest
Gold Medal

designed by VladTodirut

Project description

We need a "hero" image design for our ecommerce site selling custom welded to length band saw blades. This will be to replace the existing hero image on (the big, blue, ugly box). The design needs to include the follow: * Layered PSD or file for text, drop downs, buttons, etc * Include option for up to 3 drop downs along with a button to find the blade * Include option for a featured deal along with a small description * Include option for current countdown timer * Include responsive design options for mobile The website is . Please fit into current color scheme but should not be similar to current placeholder other than required elements. Things to possibly include would be the logos for Lennox, Starrett, and Simonds. I would also like it to make sure the user knows we sell band saw blades at first glance, potentially integrating a band-saw blade in some way.

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  • Hello again ! I put a new entry #19. I made a new texture for the saw. I have simplified all the elements that make up the banner and I used a little other colors. I think the banner should appear compact. If you have any objections please make it. #20 it's more simplified. Thank you!
  • We like the blade as the lower part of the hero, but it needs a bit more visual interest. See feedback for design #18 for more thoughts and enhancements.
  • We feel the brown doesn't fit our site, but the design is a bit disconnected.
  • I like the bandsaw blade image in the background, but the rest of the design does not fit our site design or brand.
  • Looks good, but a few suggestions... Make the Headline, "Find Your Custom Band Saw Blade" ...then add a sub-headline "Select from the options below to search our inventory of hundred of blades..." Also, make the headline have some color, maybe Green, Blue, or Purple. Options: Could you show us some options with blades integrated in different ways vs. just the one image as you have it here? Where the "Free Shipping" area is, I like the countdown, but maybe add an image of a box or a lady delivery person with a box.
  • Hello, i've submited my first design, Entry #18 I made the "Hero" less tall, so now the Featured Bandsaw Blades and Shop all blades come above the fold. Should you want anything changed, don't hesitate to let me know. Feedback and ratings are much appreciated. Thank you, Vlad
  • Hello CH Please take a look and give me an answer regarding my work #14, #15, #16 and #17. I used a wood texture, more friendly , for heating atmosphere. I have organized different the elements that can be easily understood. If you want to change something, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!
  • This is better, but the logos on a random white background don't look very integrated, and the spacing doesn't make sense. Also, the shadowed text doesn't fit the rest of the design of the site. Please ignore the "Or Search By" ... It doesn't need the same wording as the current placeholder.
    • Dear CH, thank for feedback i have make the changes please check

  • See other feedback
  • Too basic.
  • Dear CH, please check my entries & appreciated feedback thanks
  • This should be far more integrated, and should be taller height wise. It should be at least 400px high.
  • Hi, Let me know you change to the design.I am happy to edit again. speak to you soon.
  • Can you integrate the blade into the background more like #26? I like that blade integration, but I think I like the lighter background. Can you try a red button to stand out more?
    • Hello, thanks for the feedback, i made the revision with entry #29 but the red button felt a bit too much and maybe didn't really fit the website, so i made entry #30 with and removed the blue from Free Shipping, thus keep the button and main text same color and stand out. Also made the button a bit bigger and more bold. Let me know what you think, Thank you, Vlad

  • Thanks for your additions. I feel like it is a little busy for the space.
  • I like the changes, thank you. I just feel like it is a bit too "boxy" for the site.
  • Hello CH, I understand and I think you're right. I'll try to improve my work, after your instructions. Thank you for feedback!
  • I like the clean look and the way the blade finder stands out. I think the featured deal and focus on the band saw blade could be enhanced. Do you think you could incorporate a person into the design maybe looking to the finder or the featured deal?
    • Thanks for your feedback. I will soon update the design as per your feedback.

  • Hello Ch, Submitted my design.#23 . Both design is same just few color changes in text.
  • I like the new design but I feel like the background is a bit heavy for the overall site look. I also like the flip stype for the free shipping as a way to make it stand out, but I also don't see that fitting into the site. I do like the blade at the bottom. Is there anyway you could incorporate a person into the design?