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Winning design #10 by Studio33in, Banner Design for Email Signature Banner Contest
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designed by Studio33in

Project description

Would like a banner to be added to email signature for Staff. Emails are sent to customers, manufacturers suppliers and internally. Pickerings Auto Group. - Large Automotive dealership with 14 new car brands and 2 used car yards. Awarded Q400 retailer of the year. Largest new and used car dealer in North Queensland. Can not use any of the new car logos or any specific vehilce.

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  • i submitted a design, #3. it is 600 x 60 pixels. the car is generic not recognisable. do you want to include employee name and position into this banner, or some kind of text? Please advise. Thanks Andrei
    • The email signature (name phone etc) would be text and would sit above this banner. The website is undergoing reconstruction and the chrome logo would not be used. It would be the traditional Blue/red/white and would like the email signature to reflect that. It can have text but it will need to be generic for all staff.

  • hi CH a size in pixels and file size limit would be helpfull. thanks
  • Dear CH, I have submitted design #2 and #5. As I have read from the message thread, you will not be using your original chrome logo but will you prefer to have "Pickerings" in the banner? Will there be a new logo, or the same old logo but in traditional Blue/red/white? I tried to incorporate the logo in both of the designs. In #2, I have put in your years in the industry and the Q400 award trying to show your company's long history and excellence, but I am not sure if you want to stress that. So in #5, I have made up a tagline/slogan instead to complement the illustration (different selection/types of cars), showing what your company can offer and why to choose you. Thanks.
  • I really like this. It is fun and uses the corporate colours.
    • That is great. Would you like more information to be included, like your website address, Q400 award and/or any other additional information?

  • Hi CH, I was wondering what you thought about #7 , Any feedback would be awesome!, Regards,
  • Hello .. What about the logo ?? would you like another simple one .. Or the same one ?? !
  • Hello CH, About #20, #21, #22, #23 I have made ​​several variations on the one hand with corporate colors specified by you on the other side with neutral colors black or gray. Hope you enjoy and if I'm lucky winner will make available files in PSD format so you can always add another car. So i will give the edited file so you can make on the background any car or any desired text. Text data I added to see the finished assembly. It will add direct in mailing program. The banner can be adjusted to any size you want. Best regards!