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We are very specifically looking for a new set of Facebook banners in addition to some social media like button images to embed into our corporate email signatures. I am placing quite a few examples of the level of quality design we are looking for as well as design parameters. I will also include our logo since it will likely have to be used in the process. We are looking for both a left side and center Facebook banner. The design is open and I will provide significant feedback to guide the process with published submissions. The center FB banner (larger) must include some type of reasoning for them to "Like" us and needs to have some designed image of an arrow pointing to the new location where Like buttons are on business pages (left of center). The ideal design concept would center on our slogan "Solutions Outside the Box". It should incorporate our colors (orange/grey/black) and feel free to pull image or design concepts from our current website. Our website is about to change over to a new Wordpress but the content currently up now is valid. Our core group of services revolves around us being "Technology Experts". Since our service list is so wide, we cannot do much more than rely on the slogan of unique "Solutions Outside the Box" and the fact that we know Technology in general. One design theory is to use watermark text labels for the different one word items we support including: telephony, data, security, video, etc. One final small piece of the campaign is to put a Facebook like and Twitter image concept that we can embed into our email signatures. These must be small in size so as not to cause issues on receiving email systems. Any knowledge in this space regarding embedded email signature images is greatly appreciated. I have no concrete design ideas but have copied into the contest a great example from a customer of ours. I have also provided our current email signature so you can see what you have to design the imagery into... In the end, we are looking for 2 uniquely sized FB banner designs plus a social media email signature to utilize. Below are some guidelines for existing reference pages and banner sizing. Some pixel sizes are hard set by FB. Others depend on design. Easy Lunch Boxes - http://www.facebook.com/EasyLunchboxes Small:180x337 (.jpg) Large: 520x650 (.jpg) Garden Quest - http://www.facebook.com/gardenquest Small: 180x540 (.jpg) Large: 510x400 (.jpg) Intrepid Travel - http://www.facebook.com/intrepidtravel Small: 180x504 (.jpg) Large: 520x660 (.jpg)

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  • Hi designers. Please note that you are only allowed to communicate with the CH, on this page. Thanks
  • Ascend Contact Info potentially for left side banner image... Ascend Technologies, Inc. (770) 788-8089 info@ascendtechnologies.com www.ascendtechnologies.com
  • Example Entries #1-3 are FB banner concepts that we think are in line with what we are looking for. Example Entry #4 is a simple concept for our social media embedded email signature concept...
  • hello, just want to confirm item no. 7 in the list for "7 Reasons to Open the Box" "7. We like you to.." ?
  • Maybe title the bullet list of points: "7 Reasons To Open The Box"
  • Bullet list of "benefits" for the middle box banner concept like that of Ready2Spark: 1. We will educate you on technology that you may not fully understand 2. We listen to our fans 3. We will invite you to all events at Ascend (no cost) 4. We want to hear from you - good or bad 5. We will teach you how to use technology 6. We won't bother you 7. We like you to
  • Regarding #6, I would also recommend somethig more simple on the left banner like a bullet point list of our services and contact info. Leave the fancy design work to the middle banner. Telephony Outsourced IT Managed Services CCTV/Surveillance Structured Cabling
  • Hanami - #6 deisgn has promise. I really like the tag line "Click the Like button. Open the box..." What is we severaly shrink the logo, put some bullet point text in there about what we are going to do for them when they "click the Like...". I also like the footer on the image with some contact info. Let me post shortly a list of benefits like was done in design example #3 and you guys take it from there.
  • hanami - I take back the idea of simplifying the background in #13/#14. I think it might actually make it easier to focus on the banner vs. the rest of the Facebook page with a generic white background. Hope this helps.
  • melaychie AND hanami - maybe consider using the horizontal logo for the big banner to re-design more similar to that of #13 or #14 allowing more text space left to right. I am not wholly convinced that the logo even has to be prominently displayed in the big banner if it is at the top of the left/smaller banner. Maybe we could just go with highlighting the text and compilation of products image. I also like the highlighting of text in #13 and #14 in unique ways to draw them into the benefits...
  • Example entries #14-#17 are simple images that could be compiled like was done in #10 design. These represent manufacturers we are actively engaged with at this time vs. some of the older stuff on our current website that is due to be changed out in the coming weeks. Thanks guys and gals...
  • Hanami - I really like #12 and #13 for the clean and simple look. Undecided if the completely clean vs. hardware compilation imagery is best. Only thing is maybe considering some hardware imagery like that of #10 and/or a more simplified, less busy background. Still kicking these designs around in my head and offering some updated images for thought...
  • melaychie - great design including the components. Yes, we want to include #7 to keep the "social" aspect. Not taking ourselves too seriously. I really like your concept. I have some newer components you could image together as we are re-imaging our entire new website in the coming weeks with a few changes in manufacturers. I am going to attempt to upload some additional images that can be used in place of some of the ones used in your compilation. I REALLY LIKE this concept, just want to update the images to what we are doing these days. I also think we should spread the text full length, left to right to reduce double lines as much as possible. Maybe eating into the left margin where the vertical "Ascend" is shown possible? Just looking for a cleaner, simpler look highlithing the "like" header line at the top, 7 things + the hardware compilation images... Hope this helps. Planning on raising the fund on this campaign to encourage you guys. Very happy with the results so far, just trying to tweak them close to perfection.
  • Hey there #11 here, Design Contests's limitations for sizing left me having to shrink my entry. To view the actual size please click on the file below: http://www.thecastleoflove.com/uploads/8/4/8/0/8480689/ascend-facebook.png
  • Probably doing another campaign just like this one for e2 Consulting as soon as we complete this one. Great learning experience and we invite all you guys back. Look for this posting on Design Contest in the next 24 hours. Different company, colors and ideas but the same concept.
  • melaychie - yes, that is similar to what we had in mind. I think we are going to consider wrapping the employee contact info directly into the image as shown on #28. This is slightly different than the example #4 we provided but we may want to test both ways to verify our success on blocked images with embedded signatures delivered into Outlook environments. Would like to get an option for each in the final deliverable but if we have the original image files, we could make adjustments down the road as necessary. Only significant comment on the signature is consider removing the top right slogan text and replacing with some call to action to engage the social piece shown via icons... Maybe a couple engaging slogans like "get educated", "event invites", "connect here" with possible a similar arrow like the FB banner down to the social icon area... Just a thought to make it more appealing. Not a huge fan of the non-symmetrical orange/black header/footer lines on the signature but not that big of a deal. Maybe just remove the orange in the top right header line so there is an orange inch or so in the top left and bottom right to foster reading...
  • melaychie - #19 looks really good. Possibly highlight the 7 reasons like you did in #20. I think using bullet points on the left sidebar for the services is easier to read. Maybe consider a wavy arrow vs. a straight up arrow like you did in #8 or similar. Make sense? Also, are you good with posting a simple FB, Twitter and LinkedIn image design that we can use in our email signatures? Example post #4 shows a sample of what we were thinking but most anything professional that brings our grey/orange color scheme in will be good. Maybe "Like Us" for FB, "Follow Us" for Twitter and "Connect" for LinkedIn text. In the end, we want to ensure we have the raw files used for these banners so we can re-adjust them if FB eventually opens up business pages to timeline which is a single horizontal banner. Thanks.
  • hi! I re-uploaded the files for your approval. I also saved the jpg file with 180x540px dimension. I believe for the middle graphics, it should be 520px wide and the height can be any length. I also made the adjustments on the email banner. However, I think I missed the Mobile section part. The tel and fax number I got from your website while your name I checked on fb. Please advise if I am on the right track on the editing part? Thank you. Have a nice day. :)
  • melaychie - also, the non .psd files are .png. I think FB and the brief mentions .jpg. I tried to upload the side image in .png on FB and got an error relating to it not being 180 pixels wide min. .png may work but .jpg is preferred. More importantly, do you know the pixel ratios on the 2 images for FB? The left one has to be 180 pixels I believe. Thanks.
  • melaychie - is it possible to get a slight revision on the email signature? If you put my full contact info in with the email address, I want to ensure there is room with the FB logo pretty close... Can we change the "get educated, event invites" to lower case and maybe "connect here" centered below that text with 2 arrows - 1 on each side toward FB and the other toward LinkedIn? Just did not want to push people mentally to click on LinkedIn primarily as FB is the more important one we use as a conduit of communication. Make sense? Not sure what font size we need to use by my email is droberts@ascendtechnologies.com. That is the longest piece of text that would go in the image and I just want to make sure it fits in the rough area we have for it.