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Winning design #1906 by 7thSynner, Banner Design for heyimbee Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 7thSynner

Project description

looking for a new youtube banner~
I have been looking for an artist to do this for years but I got distracted with other matters so I thought this way would be fun.

YouTube banner size refer to attached file or Google current 2020 size 

My current one is very old and out of date, it does not capture the chaotic evil that my videos holds..

I do not want the word heyimbee on the banner, the whole banner does not need to be covered.

Just a drawing of myself ? A lot of my content uses VR so that can be contributed if you'd like.
I welcome scuffed and not skilled designers/artists/drawers to also try, even maybe just sketches if you'd like.
If you were to use colour which you don't need to but if you prefer, 
I have brown hair and green eyes. Feel free to check out my socials @heyimbee to get sense of my style etc.
I gravitate more towards 80s or 90s drawings, if you work well with one of those aesthetics but I am open to see other styles.

$500 AUD to the one I pick but if I like other work too then I will negotiate with other artists.

I will be judging this live on twitch when it is over and most likely make a YouTube video about my experience.

Just have fun with it :d ~ thank you

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  • About #1906, @7thSynner how can I contact you?
    • @heyimbee I'm @seventhsynner on twitter and instagram and my email is syna7x.k@gmail.com

  • HeyImBee duality clean knife

    IG: brandonhung
    twitter: hungcreations #1926
  • Hey bee, This is my idea for your new Youtube banner! Keep in mind, that this is not the final version, I just put the base color so that the overall picture is there. I wanted to add so much more stuff, like things that are related to gaming and you, and make it more detail, but i was super busy this week, and this is all I can manage, but I will finish it if this design got chosen! :D

    Have a nice day and stay safe,
  • i forget to draw the vr controllers lol #1924
  • Last minute touch ups I didn’t like #1923
  • YT BANNER Ver. monkaS 6m left monkaS #1922
  • :p here's one with no background #1920
  • Not Done
    Instagram: grape_hazel #1919
  • I AM SO NERVOUS PepeS #1918
  • Is not finished #1917
  • I hope you like it.
    Its a max desktop resolution (2560x423) #1916
  • REUPLOADING cuz I'm very nervous ~__~ #1915
  • HeyImBee duality in VR
    IG: brandonhung
    twitter: @hungcreations
  • 90s Anime Version of HeyImBee
    I welcome any revisions :>
    Banner version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y5ygW70MegovAHTxHdS9ZFpRMwISlkx8/view?usp=sharing
  • 2560x423 size version #1912
  • HeyImBee duality bloody knif
    IG: brandonhung
    twitter: @hungcreations #1911
  • HeyImBee detail preview
    IG: brandonhung
    twitter: @hungcreations
  • BEE & VR"BEE" #1909
  • Signature is on there but if needed just shoot me an email and I’ll take it off :) #1907
  • All the emotes are YOU if you want them hmu on twitter bb #1877