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This was my first time using Design Contest and I had a great experience! I received so many great designs for our website header and our winning design is awesome. The designer was incredible and was so accommodating with our requests. Using Design Contest was easy and affordable. I would definitely us it again and again! Thanks for a great experience.

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Winning design #32 by JoebaFett, Banner Design for LifeSkilz, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JoebaFett

Project description

We are looking for a website header for our site - It is a website designed to help single women (35-55) in finding the love that their hearts so desperately crave. We envision a header which plays off of the words GPS For Love (GPS meaning a navigation system). The header must say: Joe Amoia, "The Ambassador of Love" Presents... GPS For Love (and must also say) A Place For Love, Guidance and Support. Please add the attached picture somewhere in the header and please add a small Trademark symbol - TM after GPS For Love. Our vision is a pic of an actual GPS system with a heart as the destination...some kind of play on that possibly. Size should be 1000 x 288 to fit header of WP 2011 theme. The layout isn't as important as the actual "feeling" the woman gets when she lands on the site. It should feel warm, friendly and inviting. We're flexible with colors just no pink/red overkill.

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  • Hi CH: Submitted #1 for your consideration. Looking forward to your comments. There is room on the banner for a little more copy of you wish. Maybe a message from Joe (or a small caption as to why he is pictured (Joe Smith, CEO) or something like that.
    • Hi. Thanks for your question. We did actually want it to say - Joe Amoia, The Ambassador of Love Presents... I have to edit it on the brief. Thanks.

  • Hello, Submitted another concept #14 & #15. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks and regards, Studio33in
  • Hello Natalie, Hope you enjoy my submissions. If you have any changes or adjustments, please let me know. Thank you for the opportunity to work together.
  • Hi! I like this design and love the font. I just need a small TM after GPS For Love for the trademark. I would be great if you could angle the pic of the GPS and make the heart in the GPS more visible and prominent. Would love it if you can capitalize the L, G and S in Love Guidance and Support. Thanks!
  • DOn't forget the word presents... after Ambassador of Love. And I think the font needs to be changed on GPS FOr Love b/c it's hard to make out the letters GPS when it's all caps (and it must be all caps). Thanks!
    • Would work onthat now and upload two or three samples would different fonts... Thanks

  • Hello CH, just submited entry #3 ... Would need your feedback... Looking forward to trashing out your contest today... :)
    • Great design. I like the concept so far. Size should be 1000 x 288. GPS should be all caps and TM a bit smaller. It's an i not l in Amoia.

    • Thanks for the quick feedback... Would modify that now... Give me some minutes... Thanks

    • Hello, Modified it... Check my entry #4 ... Thanks

  • Cool! Great concept. GPS For Love should be same font with small Trademark symbol - TM after. Phone pic might need to be a bit smaller and the dr joe Amoia presents... line should be before gps for love. Also maybe a little subtle background design...more colorful
  • Awesome! Thanks! Just a couple little things - Would it be possible to change the pin hearts to a full balloon heart like in entry #2? LMK. Also we just need 3 dots (...) after the word presents. And lastly I'm not sure what size you made this but our header has to be 1000 x 288 as I had mentioned in the brief. Thanks so much!!!!!
    • Hi Natale - please see #32. It should show the changes you requested. Artwork is 1000 x 288. Hope you like it.

  • Interesting concept. Not bad just way to dark in the background
  • Hi CH! I tried to fix some of the stuff you wanted fixed in entry #2 Hope this is more like it, or maybe i should try a new completely different approach? Let me know. Thanks
    • If you could try a different approach but keep the pic of the phone that would be awesome. GPS needs to be all caps and if you could try a non-script font that might be better. Also the copy Joe Amoia, The Ambassador of Love" Presents...must go before GPS For Love. Thanks

  • Hi! I like this design! We're not crazy about the fonts used. I like the font in design #8..but I like the colors you used in the copy. Also we would like about 2 or 3 red pop up hearts like in design #2 scattered throughout the streets. Thanks!
    • Natalie - not a problem on those changes. Glad you like the direction. I will post another version.

    • I just posted #22. I went with the "pin" style pop-ups that are popular on iPhone's map app (except hearts instead of red dots). I did my best to come closer to your font preference while keeping a similar color scheme. Hope you like it!

  • I think I like this one better than the layout of #20 except could you take away the effect lines before the G. Keep it all the same like in #20. Otherwise we like this design and really like the GPS pic that you included. And could you add 3 dots (...) after the word presents...
    • Hello, I've uploaded #21 without the lines behind the GPS... I hope you like this better. Unfortunately I can only submit 3 designs for contest so this is my last one, unless there is a way to submit more designs if you ask for it. Thanks.

    • You get another automatic download when I rate you up to 30 pts. Which I have done...Though not sure if it needs changes yet. Thanks!

  • Like the concept but not crazy about the colors (prefer more purple colors) or the pic of Map. Prefer a pic of phone or table with a map instead.
  • Hello, Please let me know if you like my entry #19. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my design for the banner. please look at my designs #17 & #18 and give me your comment on the design. Kind Regards
  • Sorry, That's not really what we are looking for.
  • We like the layout of the copy...but GPS for Love needs to be more front and center to stand out more..even a bit bigger. Not crazy about the background pic. Looking for a pic more like entry #2 with the phone.
  • Hi! We really like this design and font. We would love if the background color is changed to more of a light purple color...less pink. Also, the only think that we're struggling with is the pic of the GPS. We really love the pic of entry #2 with the phone and how it's situated and how the heart is popping up. It's more modern looking. Would love to see something more like that.
  • Dear CH, Thank you very much for your feedback on my previous design. I have uploaded my updated design. please look at my design #35, #36, #37 and give me your valuable comment on the design. Kind Regards, iNoesis
  • Dear Natalieamola, I have submited entry #29... Expecting your feedback... Thanks...