Fantastic design!! Great to work with. This is my fourth or fifth time working with DesignContest. I have no need to get any type of graphic work sourced from any where else.


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Winning design #34 by wbeehive, Banner Design for Moto-Skiveez Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wbeehive

Project description

I have had great success with DesignContest in creating much of my current marketing materials.  For this contest, I am needing a one page full ad describing and featuring our product for a motorcycle magazine. Moto-Skiveez are underwear created to reduce irritation while riding motorcycles.  We have three different style, for different styles of motorcycles.  I'm hoping for a modern "tech-e" feel to the design that will focus on our three different styles.  I am hoping for a clean uncluttered look.  

Here are the specific requirements for the ad copy;

Full Page -  

No Bleed          8.25” wide X 10.625” tall             

w/Bleed            8.75" x 11.125"

Trim                  8.50" x 10.875"

Live                  8.25" x 10.625"

300dpi or better resolution.

Ad copy sized to 100% in the digital file

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  • About #36, @rajagee new design more clear
  • here's another design #35
  • Hello, Thank you for the feedback. Here I am submitting the design with larger silhouette rider icon and smaller text. Hope you like it. With regards #34
  • Looks Great!! Can you just make the rider silhouettes larger and the wording below them smaller smaller? Thank you for the submission. #31
  • Hello. In attached files you will find corrected design. Waiting for your reply. #30
  • Hello. In attached files you will find corrected design. Waiting for your reply. #30
  • Hello, Here I am submitting another design with few changes. Please view and give feedback. Thanks&Regards #29
  • New style take a look and tell me whats missing #28
  • About #26, @rajagee Thank you so much for feedback, rating & liking my design i uploaded new design i hope you like appreciated feedback thanks #27
  • About #18, @rajagee I really like that you have used the same font for the bottom lettering!!!! I also like the unique design of having the riders in a circle with the description wrapping the image. Very unique. But I think the short is too small. Can you redisign with the short in the middle left of the page similar to other designs and the place the circular rider images to the right of the page top to bottm? Thank you for your submission.
  • About #12, @Sama I'm not sure about the gold highlights. Also I think the large pattern in the background distracts from the overall image. Thank you for your submission.
  • I appreciate you unique approach. Overall I think this design is tooo dark. Thank you for your submission. #20
  • About #23, @Alena__P I really like this design! Can you reposition the motorcycle images to the left of the silhouettes facing right? I really like the thin border around the rider images. Can you eliminate the darkness to the left of the short? And eliminate the stipes of light grey? I would prefer the top and bottom to be a consistent darkness with a fade into the center light grey. Thank you for your submission!!
  • Hello, send two more variants. Wait to your comments. #23
  • Very good but could yo make top logo in white font? #17
  • I do not prefer the short to be seen in the half circle. I like you creative approach and different design. #19
  • I like this but again would like to see solid white font and can you remove the "red and Blue" from the left side of the short? #15
  • I do not prefer this background as much as the previous one you have submitted. Also I think "A Revolution in Riding Comfort" needs to be just solid white letters. #13
  • Great design, but again overall a little too dark. #11
  • Great! Looks very good. #10