Pure Wave

We did a short 3 day contest because of the holidays and I was worried I wouldn't get any entries, but still the designers pulled off some great ideas.

$195 paid

37 custom designs

19pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #35 by 7AW, Banner Design for Pure Wave Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 7AW

Project description

Google Adwords Banners. See template in .ai file attached. Should be same as the standard top 5 banner sizes https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6002621?hl=en
We need high conversion display ad banners for the holidays to promote our Pure-Wave massagers. We will provide some photos to work with. Feel free to get images off of our website. www.padousa.com   

We like using just product shot or model closeup using product. Use nice simple design with sans-serif type fonts.

We will likely purchase the 2nd place winner as well.

Include the following:
1. Pure-Wave logo or Pure-Wave by Pado logo if it fits.
2. Product photo with or without model
3. Call to action button (e.g. See It In Action, Check it Out, Buy Now)
4. Value Proposition Text (e.g. On The Go Relief, Relieve Muscle Pain On The Go, Relieve Aches & Pains, Extreme Power Cordless Massager,  Give the Gift of Massage, Relieve Stubborn Knots)

We appreciate everyone's efforts. Hopefully we can purchase several submissions. Also like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/padoinc/

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  • I like this banner leave it the way it is :) #24
    • 7AW

      About #24, @travisfrye Thank you... :)

      Please see my new posts #35 already making changes.

    • @travisfrye Have a look at my entry #28. Thanks

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your feedback. I have made change, Please see if it works..
    Thank you. #37
  • Are you still going to purchase my design?
    • @Egolay Lets wait until contest is over

  • Please comment,sir.Thank you. #32
    • @Markonije Thank you for your entry. For banners, the corners should be square. I'm not fond of the fonts you chose but I like the layouts overall.

  • Please feedback sir. Thank #30
  • Change title on this to: "RELIEVE ACHES & PAINS" #24
  • Change title on this one to "GIVE THE GIFT OF MASSAGE" #24
  • What you can do to purchase my design - go to my profile and hit hire designer, and continue with the process there. #15
    • @travisfrye Are you still going to purchase my design?

  • I recommend swapping this image with a different one like this https://designcontest3-com-designcontest.netdna-ssl.com/data/contests/66625/purewavetwo_186-edited.jpg #27
  • Hello,
    This is from one of my Ideas, Please do tell me where to Improve and please comment, rate so that our work would get proper direction.
    Thank you.
    Regards - Aether Designs #27
  • hope its fit with your requirement. #19
  • What do you think of my design? - #15
    • @Egolay I like it. Even if this doesn't win Gold, I'm still purchasing the design if that's possible.

    • @travisfrye Hello! Yes, that would be possible! I still have all the files. Thank you!

  • hi, i hope you will like my design. #16
    • About #16, @badrambo31 I like the use of these particular photos. Something like this is a good option for us to have. I would like the Pure-Wave logo to be bigger.

  • The color seems off on all the individual massagers. maybe too much magenta... #17 #15
  • The color seems off on all the individual massagers. maybe too much magenta... #17
  • Can you use a different image here other than the face. I will post an image #34 that might work here for this tall narrow one. #18
  • Updated - some minor changes. #17
  • Updated the colors - what do you think? #15
  • The color of the photos doesn't seem right. I can add better looking photo to files. #14
  • Updated design - per your request. I added arrows to shop now and made the images more blue, just to make it look better. Let me know what you think! #14