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Winning design #72 by ursachio, Banner Design for Retargeting banners Shaving Website (Retail). Contest
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designed by ursachio

Project description

Greetings! We need a bannerset for our website (translation: About us: We sell subscription based Gillette and Wilkinson Sword razor blades in the Netherlands. What I need are banners for in our retargeting strategy. Target group: people that have viewed our website but haven't converted to a sale (yet). The segment is >25 year old males. What we want: - clear message. You could use: 'Je scheert je nog de rest van je leven - Pak het slim aan!' ( You have to shave yourself for the rest of your life, start shaving smart!) 'Kwaliteit van Gillette, verzending op het juiste moment & gratis cadeaus. Word direct lid of bestel een proefzending!' (The quality of Gillette, send to your door at the right moment and free gifts. Become a member or order a trial!) 'Stop met 'dom' scheren, Start met Slim Scheren! Bestel je favoriete mesjes.' ( Stop shaving dumb, Start Shaving Smart! - Order your favorite blades.) - you could use the same proposition as in the files, we think this is a good proposition. - We would like the sizes. You could re-use elements of the banner to fit to size: 468 x 60 250 x 250 200 x 200 728 x 90 120 x 600

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  • i prefer to use only 1 call2action button. The button used is too simple, doesnt fit our own design. You could use a button like we have and make it bit more catchy? The solution for the Slimscheren logo is a good solution.
    • Hi! I sent the proposal with suggested changes #12 . I made several modifications to the button in order to become more attractive, and withdrew the second. I hope that is what you were waiting. I look forward to the feedback. Regards, RicardoP

  • Hello CH about #11 this is a sample of the animated banner .. Hope you like it .. give me some feed back .. thanks ..
  • Hello CH .. About #11 it's animated .. I'll try to upload it in the GIF format so you can view it .. Hope you give me any comments about it so I can make it better .. Thanks :)
  • Hello qwoty (CH) Can we have your thoughts on Design #9 Thanks & G'day
  • Hi CH .. Please .. what do you mean by " the red banana effect " ? thanks :)
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      Mabding {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH .. Please .. what do you mean by " the red banana effect " ? thanks :)
      |--| it must be an eyecatcher. Imagine a webpage with a red banana in it. The effect? You will see the red banana immediately.

    • |--|

      qwoty {*wrote*}:
      it must be an eyecatcher. Imagine a webpage with a red banana in it. The effect? You will see the red banana immediately.
      |--| Yes .. I got the idea now .. Hope you'll like our designs :)

  • cheap copy of the design Ricardo made
  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. To be honest with you: - I dont like the color combinations used. - There is too much text (or seems to be) Maybe this is my fault, there it is some text i mentioned. - the call to action buttion is not appealing enough (think about red banana) - you used the wrong product image (please see our site) If you have questions, please ask me. I will respond within 24h. Kind regards
  • Hi ricardo, Thank you for your entry. I like the way you started. Maybe you could change these parts: - Logo background white; try to make a lane of white on top (250x250) or on the left (728px) - increase size of product. - try to make the button more appealing (think about the red banana effect) What we actually want are gif banners. You could make the banner interactive by playing with the Call2Action button or the product fading (see our website). Looking forward to see your adjustments.
  • Hi CH! I have some questions I want to ask you. You want the logo in the banner? (if yes, where can I find the logo in vetor?) Has a color preference? Thanks for your time! RicardoP
    • Hi Ricardo, If you have enough space, please place our logo in the banners. We do not have a vector banner. You could use our logo of We would like to have the same color combinations as used on our website: white, orange and blue. Thanks for asking! Tom -

    • Hi! I have submitted my design solution #1. Send me some feedback. Best Regards!

  • Hi, Thanks. things you could improve: - placement of all the components could be better in the 250x250 - the placement of the lightbulb. this is a nice design element but it is not nice behind the c2action button. Good luck!
    • Hi CH! Check my new entry #24 with suggested changes. Regards, Ricardo

  • Hi there, Thanks for your entry. the banners dont have the same look & feel of our website. Could you adjust it to our 'style' ? Good luck!
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      qwoty {*wrote*}:
      Hi there, Thanks for your entry. the banners dont have the same look & feel of our website. Could you adjust it to our 'style' ? Good luck!
      |--| oh thanks for your feedback and sorry about that , i have adjusted to fit your website look & feel ,now you can check #23.

  • Hello Ch, Thanks for your feedback. I have submitted another design for your consideration. Waiting for your feedback. Also will be submitting revised earlier design (#10) soon as per your feedback. Thanks and regards, Studio33in
  • Hi, Thanks for your entry, things you could improve; - i like the way you put our logo in. but maybe you could keep the lines more straght. - improve your button (see our website) - good product placement and background good luck!
  • Thanks for your design, Things you could improve: - Make the logo erea smaller - Dont devide the banner into 4 different parts (white-blue-white-blue) - Good c2action button - Good text placement Hoping you could improve those points!
  • Hi, Im sorry, but your design doesnt have the same feel & look as our website. It is more a healthstore banner.. Hope your could improve your design!
  • Hi there, Thanks for your entry. Some tips: - Logo is too big and appealing. focus must be on text and product + call to action button. - I would like to have only 1 C2Action button ( make it cleaner ) - try something else with font. - good product placement -
  • Hi, thanks for the entry, some things that should be done differently; - only 1 big call to action button - in a gif; the c2action button will probably change colors I like the font you have used. Productplacement is also good. Thanks, I look forward to your new design
  • Like the way you put our logo in the design, but i would like to see only 1 call to action button. You also used too much text. In a gif banner it would be: Je scheert je nog de rest van je leven (3 sec) Pak het slim aan! (5 sec) for example. The orange text is not very readable. Good luck, hope you can adjust it!
  • I like your background, but the placement of our logo is not very good.
  • hi qwoty ch. i have upload only one design of banner design #17 and #18, #19 i hope you will like my work now i am awaiting your valueable comments thanks all the best babar786